Globe Fair use Policy - by capping 1GIG a day

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    Hehe nauna na nag goodbye subscribers nila bro athena. Kaso yari kung pati ibang ISP eh gumaya sa system ng globe :(
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    napaka unfair nito for wireless users... why them only.. or why us^_^... hehehe they suppose to treat every subs fairly.... the only difference in wireless and wired is their medium... both still should be unlimited... limit everyone then it will be fair... but still the bandwidth limiting is not advisable when its only upto 1gb/day... mag susubscribe na nga lng ako sa PLDT^_^... wahehehe
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    ano kaya ang steps na pwede gawin ng consumers to protect themselves? kasi baka mamaya lahat na ng ISPs gumaya sa globe. Dapat ngayon palang pinapaalam na natin sa authorities at sa mga companies na ayaw nating ng capping. :D
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    alam nio kasi ang problema wala nagrereklamo na subscribers sa authrities.
    kung meron man kokonti lang lol. sabi nga e kung puro ka lang reklamo sa net pero di mo naman ginagawan ng aksyon e wala din.
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    sa twitter kasi to sinabi ng isang globe official na may twitter.

  6. OT: alam niyo po ba kung papaano makapasok sa ADMIN ng BM622i?

    Kung alam niyo po... papaano?
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    please confirm if FAIR USE POLICY is for wireless only ?

    hinde affected ang DSL nila?

  8. they're adding fineprints* to their plans on posters or web about this "fair usage policy" stuff.
    assuming you are a fixed subscriber of their wireless broadband with their minimum, let's say a 256 kbps* plan..

    then the fineprint means...

    with a 1GB / day of bw cap, doing the math...

    (1) if you want a the full real 256 kbps speed, you only have 8.68 hours per day of usage:
    = 1GB / 256Kb
    = (1GB = 1000 MB = 1000000 KB = 8000000 Kb) / 256Kb
    = 8000000 Kb / 256 Kb
    = 31250 secs
    = 8.68 hours / day (office working hours) :D

    (2) but if you want to use your net for the whole 24 hours, you need to conserve your bandwidth and be at 92.6 Kbps speed the whole day :eek:
    = 1GB / 24 hours
    = (1GB = 1000 MB = 1000000 KB = 8000000 Kb) / 24 hours
    = 8000000 Kb / 86400 secs
    = 92.6 Kb/s (faster than a dial-up at least) :D

    my suggestion is, their capping limit should not be equal across all users, but should be based on the customer's subscription plan.
    in this case, a 256kbps subscription should have at least 2.76GB per day bw cap (and you do the math for the other plans).
    where I think it is not easy on their part to implement, or might be even impossible, because of a wireless distribution nature of the service.

    for me, I have no issues with capping, it's the number they are imposing that is unfair!
  9. max


    I have just been "punished" by globe and capped .3mbps for the whole month of june for reason that I have "abused" downloading via p2p and streaming exceeding the limit of 25gb/month (wimax postpaid 995). July 1 2011 my 1 mbps speed was restored and after 6 days of usage my speed went down again to .3 mbps. For the last 4 days I have been complaining calling 211 5 times and sent a technical team to check my slow speed. My signal strength is 95% and -67 RSSI meaning that my connection is excellent. I have access to 3 BSIDs (globe towers) however I still get the .3mbps. This is when I tried talking to a "chat globe agent named Paul Michael" and after stating my concern, this guy told me that I have been under the "fair use policy" that started 7-10-11. WTF! I have been careful on my internet activities since July 1 and ask him proof of my usages. He didn't answer the question and just stated the "basic policy bs". I called 211 after the chat and a guy named "Peter" verified" that I am not under the fair use policy. It was the same info given to me by a 211 agent 2 days ago confirming that I am not under such policy. So who's right? I'm sure the 211 is right because I am being very discreet on how I use my internet ever since the June "punishment". I have been a subscriber (victim) of globe wimax for 2 years now and been praying for smartbro wimax to start service in my area (they confirmed that they don/t impose such policy). I lived on top of a hill in Laguna so I have not access on a cable connection. I can justify based on my experience that globe wimax have provided me 35% of the normal subscription of 1mbps and the rest of the 2 years (65% slow connections, outages, etc..). It's about time the people and taxpayers making these telcos filthy rich should express their grievances to DTI, NTC, DOTC and ask for Fair Trade Policy and not give in to this Fair Use Policy.
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