FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (AUD/usd on 15.02.2013)

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    We invite everyone, who is interested in the contest, not to miss the next competition - «FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (AUD/usd on 15.02.2013)». That time participants have to guess the course of AUD/usd currency pair at the end of trading day, February, 15. Bets are accepted until February, 11 and the winner will receive a cash prize ($30) to his account at the beginning of the next week!

    Join the contest right now! Leave your bet at FXOpen forum and believe in yourself!

    Currency pair: AUD/usd
    Date for determination of the course: closed at 22:59 15.02.2013 (terminal time)
    Acceptance of rates will be ended: February, 11
    Date of announcement the winner’s name: February, 18
    Prize: $30.

    Rules of the competition «Guess the exchange rate»

    1. You have to add your forum’s nickname to your bet (for example, nickname – your bet);
    2. Spreads between participants’ beds should be no less than 5 points. Forexample, if there has been already made a bet for 1.2000, all otherparticipants should choose variants not closer than 1.2005 or 1.1995;
    3. You can’t repeat someone else’s rate;
    4. Each participant are able to make only one bet;
    5. You are not able to change or delete your prediction;
    6. If your bet has been declined, you can leave ONE new bet whichtotally comply with the rules. Please, be attentive - just one bet fromone user can be in the list of accepted rates
    All the bets, which do not comply with previous paragraphs, will be deleted.
    Leave your bet at FXOpen forum

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