FS: Brand New Washable Cloth Diaper

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  1. For Sale: Brand New Washable Cloth Diaper and Insert

    We sell brand new, quality, durable and comfortable washable cloth diaper at a wholesale price and sell it at a more discounted price for bulk/wholesale buyer who wants to save on their diaper expense or just want to resell it to others.

    Cloth diaper have many benefits. This includes:

    Economically: You can save as much as Php20,000 per child from the time you deliver your baby up to the time your child can use the bathroom by themselves when you use reusable cloth diaper rather than disposable diaper.

    Environmentally: You can help reduce waste from children who are still in diaper by more than 50%. Thus you can help reduce waste in our environment and help protect it for the future of our children.

    Health: By using reusable/washable cloth diaper you can reduce your baby's exposure from chemicals in disposable diapers.

    Aesthetically: Our washable diaper has many designs and colors to choose from to suite your liking and to your baby's needs plus you can have them wear them on even without cover because of the different variety and style that we offer.

    Our diapers are made of strong absorbent, breathable material which prevents diaper rash and leaks.


    Our diapers are one size pocket and can fit babies weighing from 8-15 lbs. (small), 12-25 lb (medium), or 20-35 lb (large) thanks to its fully adjustable feature bottom row of snaps. Simply adjust the size as your baby grows which make this diaper a one size style diaper from birth to potty training!


    Strong absorbent breathable material: Our product absorbs urine fast preventing diaper rash. The diaper is breathable that keeps your baby comfortable.

    Waterproof outside: Our product is waterproof outside but also breathable thus your baby does not have a warm feeling when using our diaper but keeps the outside from leaking as well.

    Variety of design: We have a variety of design to choose from that is attractive to babies' eyes and to their mommy's liking as well.

    Our cloth diapers are made of:

    Outer - A Minky/Non-Minky waterproof & breathable PUL
    Inner - Suede cloth: Suede cloth wicks moisture away from baby's bottom. It is an excellent choice next to baby's skin for pocket style cloth diapers. Liquid passes right through suede cloth into the inner absorbent layers of the insert. Unlike fleece there is no pilling.

    Insert - 3-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber insert (80% polyester+20%nylon).

    Length of nappy: 39cm in length X 35cm in width

    Wash temperature: under 30°C. (less than 86 °F) machine washable

    Choose from our current available variety. More designs to come.

    Washable Cloth Diaper

    Price: Php300.00 each

    4-Layer Microfiber and Bamboo Insert

    Price: Php140.00 each

    For every 6 diaper you order we will deduct Php10 each, so instead of paying Php1,800.00 for 6 printed diaper you will pay on Php1,740.00

    For every 12 diaper you order we will deduct Php20 each, so instead of paying Php3,600.00 for 12 printed diaper you will pay on Php3,360.00

    And for every 18 and up printed diapers you order we will deduct Php30 each and give you a discount of at least Php540 for every 18 printed diaper. It's a big discount which you can spend on your baby's other needs like milk formula etc.

    How to order

    You can PM me for your order or inquiries on product availability, due to some bulk order we may run out of stock when you place your order or:

    You can follow this format in placing your order:
    and send it to:

    mobile no. 09173847320
    *Shipping cost will be shouldered by buyer.

    Payment Method

    Gcash | Paypal | Western Union | Cebuana Lhuillier

    *Paypal payment is subject to 3.4% + PhP15.00 for domestic funded payments, 3.9% + $0.30 for foreign

    For more info and upcoming stocks. visit us at:
    Like us on facebook:
    Follow us on twitter:

  2. Good evening sa lahat... Bili na po para sa mga may babies na nagda-diaper pa. Budget friendly and environment friendly.

  3. Update ko lang mga boss. A3, A10, A18, D1, D12, G7 & G14 are all sold out. Available pa yung iba, bili na kayo guys.

  4. Update: Available design: A17, E20, E22, H05 and J05 only. New stocks to come.

  5. Up lang mga boss. Bili bili na kayo! Gandang umaga.

  6. Gandang gabi sa lahat. Bili na kayo. Washable reusable cloth diaper. :)

  7. Gangang umaga mga boss. Bili bili na kayo. Try it now and save later. Para sa mga may babies na nagda-diaper pa. Pwede pa gamitin ng susunod na baby.

  8. Gandang gabi sa lahat. We have new stocks available. Di ko kasi maedit yung first post kaya post ko na lang dito sa reply ko.


    Solid Color Cloth Diaper
    Price: PhP290.00 each

    Printed Cloth Diaper
    Price:PhP300.00 each

  9. Good evening everyone. May mga bago kaming designs on stock. Plain/solid color now available. Bili bili na po!

  10. Good evening po. May mga bago po kaming stocks. As of today, out of stock na po ang A17, E20, E21, H03, J05, N15 & Y05.

  11. Gandang gabi sa lahat. Bili bili na po kayo. May mga bago kaming stocks.

  12. Good morning mga boss. Bili bili na kayo washable/reusable cloth diaper, para makatipid sa mga may babies na nagdadiaper pa.

  13. Bili bili na mga boss. Para sa mga may anak na nagda-diaper pa. Para sa mga gustong makatipid sa diaper.

  14. Gandang umaga sa lahat. Bili na po kayo cloth diaper. Reusable/washable waterproof.

  15. Good evening po. Bump po. Bili na kayo On stock new designs.

  16. Gandang gabi po mga boss. Bili bili na po kayo washable/reusable cloth diaper. Waterproof and breathable.

  17. Good morning po sa lahat. Bili na po kayo washable cloth diaper.

  18. Good morning sa lahat may discount and promo kami ngayon [​IMG]

  19. Good morning sa lahat. May price cut-off kami ngayon at discounts para sa mga bibili ng maramihang cloth diaper.

  20. Good evening sa lahat. Our promo is still up. Bili bili na kayo discounted kami ngayon.

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