English TV Series/Anime in Tagalog dapat ba?

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  1. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    Napansin ko lang lahat kasi ng palabas sa local channels tinatagalog na :evil: :evil: :evil:
    saka nakaka irita yung dubbed nya pag sa tagalog
    di kagaya nung mga times na bata ako I understand english at kaya ko mag salita ng english
    yung mga bata ngayon ang hihina sa english at lalo pa kamo nagiging tanga ni spelling di rin marunong.

    Hays tama ba tong pinag gagawa nila...
    oo nga dapat mahalin ang sarili nating wika pero paano ka naman uunlad kung di ka mahusay sa communication skill specially english which is the universal language.

    sabi nga ng father ko nung panahon daw niya bihira ang hindi nakaka intindi ng ingles.
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  2. nabuto

    nabuto Member

    this is my opinion only. no attacks please.

    i started to learn the english and filipino languages at the age of six.
    i loved both the languages.

    i was fifteen (at walang masyadong kamuwang muwang sa mundo) at sa aming english class ay sinabi ng english teacher namin: i will teach you the foolishness of english.

    ako: but english is the language of the world!
    teacher: who told you? the world does not speak english.

    nagtaka ako. nagresearch ako. and putik! mali pala ako.
    doon, nagsimula kong kinamuhian ang ingles.

    naghanap ako ng mga dahilan kung hindi importante ang ingles (syempre, in other sense importante naman talaga) pero ang isang sabi ng research ko ay: hindi kinailangan ng maraming mauunlad na bansa ang ingles (except the english speaking nations na talaga). at totoo nga na hindi tinatanggap ng maraming bansa ang ingles! (syempre sanay tayo dahil sa ating kasaysayan. yan ang dahilan ng pag-iingles natin.)

    nevertheless, i have never forgotten my english.
    i speak with it.
    i don't love it! i hate it!

    yes, payag ako na nakadub ang non-filipino movies for almost all people to understand well. let us face the fact that most filipinos have a difficulty with the english language. i love my language - filipino - i will continue to love it.
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  3. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    imo... i don't like tagalized anime lalo na kung di maayos yung pagkaka-dubbed( in some extent ok lang lalo na sa mga k/j-drama mas naiintindihan) but what i really hate is an anime with english dubbed... mas gusto ko yung anime in japanese audio with sub...
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    well as of me.. being an international studies graduate

    english is not really an international language.. we only use english here in the philippines.. and some part of the world that requires english as medium for business..

    so it will not cause any downgrade of an economy if one cannot fully speak or understood english.. or being eloquent or very good in english.. having partial knowledge is already advantage...

    in the international scene... French is the diplomatic or UN language.. all readings and other documents must be translated in 4 major languages.. such as French, Arabs, Chinese and English..

    European countries and China and Japan do not high literacy rate in english language.. and yet their economy is much better than us...

    Having a mindset that english is the only way to succeed is mediocre thinker...

    due to globalization, english may be help in bridging the gap in communications but people are now learning different languages...

    instant online and chatting with different nationals can help in learning new languange..

    and lastly, those who speak mandaring, french and other language has a HIGH PAY CHECK than those who can only speak english as a multi lingual call center agent...

    just my two cents...
  5. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    sa japanese anime ok lang english subbed pero yung english dubbed ayoko rin.


    nowadays the only job you can find in a newspaper column are call centers which requires one to be proficient in speaking and communicating in english if one lacks the skills then he/she cannot land that job.
    also kids are considered to be bright if they can understand and speak english at an early age
    being able to speak both languanges local and international can develop ones emotional and mental growth.

    I just want kids today to learn english so they can be smart and avoid dangers also because not all things are written in tagalog.
    example: pesticide the kid doesn't know what it means then he accidentally swallows it. :evil:

    traffic signs, street signs and medicines are not written in tagalog.
  6. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    It only shows that Filipino are no longer well verse in the the Language of Business "English". I don't speak Tagalog/Filipino. Only here I speak the said language.

    Time will come that China and South Korea will surpass the Philippines, the people there are so eager to learn the language but here in the Philippines people will laughed at you when you speak English. I remember about few months ago when I was in Cebu to attend a seminar, I can't speak Bisaya and Tagalog very well so I use English, too my surprise they did understand what I am saying but they can't answer me in English. Good thing they can understand..

    Now, I gues much better to dub the shows especially Anime to English, this will help kids to understand the language. Eventually it is easy for them to speak. As I observed in our school, Grade school pupils, you can't hear any "Ilonggo" in the hall way. You will amaze how fluent they are. Now in Public school, it is the opposite you can't hear a single english word in them.

    Filipinos can understand English but they can't speak fluently for the reason we luck practice. You don't need to be a grammar expert to speak the language. In fact Americans speak English grammatically incorrect.

    To speak English doesn't mean a treacherous act, we have to accept that this language is being spoken by the Business world. French, Spanish, Chinesem, Koreans, Japanese, Russian speak english.

    For those who do not know, Scandinavian, Dutch and Duetch speak English very well.

    We have a special place in the English world, if you notice we have Philippine-English in our computer settings?...

    ANother factor why we have deteriorating in speaking the language is because of two new language, the "Taglish and the SMS lingo...
  7. stanelope

    stanelope Member

    mainis ka naman sa Pinas walang universal language. mapuno ka kpag nagsama na ang cabalen, bisdak, muslim, waray,tagalog at nag usap usap sila, kaya sabi ko noon.. sana talaga isang bansa nalang ang luzon, pati visayas ibang bansa nalang, at mindanao iba narin .. tutal iba iba naman ang iba iba rin ang lenguahe natin.
  8. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    aw..very bad of you sire....

    We are not the only country with many language spoken buy different minorities. I smell racism in that statement. China has many languages and afrika.

    70% of Taxes goes to NCR, lets see, who will lost income...
  9. genexide

    genexide Member

    isa sa mga nakikita kong dahilan kung bakit sa tv eh tagalized ang anime kasi mainsteam sila. masa ang target nila. at ang masa sa pilipinas ay madalas, tagalog or filipino ang salita.
  10. leolance

    leolance Member

    sa akin ok lang yung anime, mas madali kasi maget ng mga bata, sana lang gawin nilang tagalog ingles.
    cguro kaya nga anime halos mga bata yung target nilang viewer kaya ginawa nila ganon.
  11. donetus

    donetus Member

    i still prefer jap audio with english dub .. nothing beats the original ..

    whether it's english or tagalog, it boils down on how good they do in dubbing a certain series ..
  12. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    here is my opinion in this topic. basically this thread is about our opinion on tv shows e.g anime, series or even movies dubbed in our local language, sir gene is right about his statement the reason why they dubbed those show in filipino is because of the target audience. i dont find this thing bad but rather i fell more gladly knowing the thought the people behind those shows express in filipino culture...

    now my angst against "English language" is this... you know that my profession is an instructor and being in this profession together with our field requires us mush being used of the "business language" the english... here is what i oppose to hi-school teacher and much more to elemetary teacher, is that "wag naman nila ipasa ang estudyante kung di marunong bumasa at sumulat ng English" i tell you guys i find it hard time explaining things in English.. yes one requirement for a trainor/teacher nowadays is english proficient... actaully i find it absurd sa mga peers ko discussing their lesson in english and guess what? the student didn't understand the whole discussion...

    another thing is just like sir unwired had stated... one factor is the wide used of taglish and coÑo english.. ok lang yung taglish eh but coÑo english its disgusting sabayan mo pa ng text lingo... e.g

    wer na ba u here na me... let's eat na ng tanghalian its already late na we hav a klas pa in prugraming
  13. klyster

    klyster Member

    Tagalize para astig :)
  14. isponj_bob

    isponj_bob Member

    1 dahilan lang naman kung bakit tagalog-dubbed ang mga anime, mas mabenta ito kesa kung naka-ingles/hapon.

    with regards to the use and value of english language, i reckon that english skills is far more important than technical skills if you happen to go and work in western countries.

    okay, nandyan tayo sa argumento na bakit madaming mauunlad na bansa (japan, germany, italy, france) na hindi dumipende sa english language. dahilan ay: mayroon silang scientific/technological base using their own lingo. tayo meron ba? ano meron scientific/technological base na naipundar natin? wala. kaya hindi tayo pedeng umusad kung hindi gagamit ng inglis. wala tayong dokumentasyon kung paano tumakbo ang isang makina, index ng ibat-ibang pyesa ng sasakyan, taxonomy ng pangalan ng ibat-ibang pangalan ng halaman at hayop. so, paano natin aaralin ang mga yun kung hindi dedepende sa english technical books. pede siguro mag-umpisa tayo gumawa ng index ng pyesa ng sasakyan tulad ng sa flintstone.

    kaya sa tingin ko dapat itaas yung antas ng english skills natin para maging competitive.
  15. klyster

    klyster Member

    Actually we have a filipino counterpart of each scientific term. We have instructions translated to our language, the only thing is it is not pushed or implemented, we really english language, but it will be a shame if we will not uplift our very own skills on our very own language.

    Just a share, scientific journals are translated or published in english language for it to be available in any territory. Because english is considered to be a global language. I usually do a Filipino version and an English version of my Journals, it is a lot of work but it pays, because it is also our fault why don't we have those technological basis in Filipino language, we usually create our journals and research output in english.

    Mas feel kasi pag tagalize yung mga anime, huwag lang yung mga English Series nagmumukhang local telenobela.
  16. isponj_bob

    isponj_bob Member


    with all due respect po. sa tagal tagal ko nagaral sa kolehiyo, di man lang yata ako naka-encounter ng tagalog counterpart ng enlish technical term. hindi sapat na sabihin na ang tagalog ng machine ay makina. ang kailangan natin ay yung technical lingo in usable form hindi dahil kaya lang natin i-translate. ang kailngan ay yung may practical/usable implication.

    pagnagbasa siguro ko kung paano maglakbay ang packets mula sa 1 PC ko papunta sa target host, mas maiintindihan kung sa inglis kesa tagalog. paano isasalin sa tagalog 'frame, packet, router, switch, fiber optic cables etc.' hindi pa kasali dyan yung proseso kundi yung devices palang (teka ano sa tagalog 'devices' in the first place).

    bottomline dito ay kung ano ang usable at aplikable.
  17. klyster

    klyster Member

    Totoo yan, hanggang mag-masters ako talagang ni minsan hindi ginamit ang mga tagalog na salita, dahil narin sa kultura ng pagtuturo sa Pilipinas. Kaya sumama din ang loob ko kung bakit hindi ito ginamit, sinayang lang nila, ang mga diksyonaryong filipino teknikal ay nakasilid sa pambansang silid aklatan ng Pilipinas, kung magkaron ka ng oras o kaya naman interes subukan mong puntahan at basahin.

    Ang salita kasi pag sinabing teknikal na isinalin, ito ay magagamit na praktikal at talagang may implikasyon, mas lalo na at ito ay gagamitin bilang instruksyonal.

    Mahirap isipin pero meron.
  18. isponj_bob

    isponj_bob Member

    maraming salamat sir sa 1 tema na nakaka-interes.
    pero sa ganang aking, hindi na dapat pa ako pumunta sa pambansang aklatan para tuklasin kung mayroon mang pagsasalin ng termino-teknikal sa pilipino dahil na rin sa mga sumunod na kadahilanan:

    1. kung may matagpuan man akong pagsasalin ng mga terminong teknikal sa pilipino, ang tanong ko ay napapanahon paba ang mga ito sa kasalukuyan?

    2. mga direktang pagsasalin lang ba ang mga iyun o mga dokumentasyon ng kapaki-pakinabang na pagsasaliksik na pwedeng magamit sa tunay na buhay. halimabawa, ang mga termino-ingles ay isinalin lang ba? o may makikita din bang dokumentasyon kung paano tumakbo/gumana ang isang bagay, halimbawa ang sasakyan.

    3. sa ganang akin, mas maliligaw lang ang limitado kong kaisipan kapag nagbasa ako ng direktang pagsasalin ng salitang ingles-teknikal sa pilipino-teknikal.

    4. kung meron mang pagsasalin, mapapakinabangan ba sa kasalukuyang konteksto?

    Masarap po tangkilikin ang ating lenggwahe, datapwa't hindi ito naayon sa pagtuturo ng mga teknikal na bagay. ipaubaya nalang natin sa salitang ingles ang mga teknikal na aralin/aplikasyon habang pinagbubuti natin ang pag-aaral ng ating sariling wika para sa pang-araw araw na pakikipagtalastasan.

    yung lang po siguro at maraming salamat sa isang nakakaingganyang usapan!

    Magandang araw!
  19. klyster

    klyster Member

    Yun ay teknikal lamang na pagsalin na pwedeng gamitin ng mga mag-aaral at ng mga researchers para sa kanilang mga ililimbag na journal. Nakakatuwa ding isalin ang isang teknikal na journal, mahirap pero fulfilling. Sa ngayon hindi natin ito mapapakinabangan, dadating din siguro ang araw na magagamit ito. Salamat din sa magandang usapan.
  20. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    Filipino: teknikal - etymology - technical, from the english language...

    Ito ay isang isyu na dapat ipalawanag ng maigi sa kadahilan na ito ay mga hiram na salita lamang.

    just my two cents...

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