DSL auto disconnects at night?!

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by exhead75, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Hello guys I just want to uhmm...tell you guys about this weird problem that we're having about our DSL connection.

    Ok so we're on a 1mb connection. Our DSL automatically disconnects
    itself (take note: every single day) between 6 - 7pm. After it disconnects even if we try to reconnect it again, reset or
    on/off it, it won't comeback. Well it does comeback, in the morning. And it will disconnect again at that precise time.
    We tried calling and mailing our provider(I mailed them for like 7 times already!), they always said wait for the solution blah blah blah! This has been going on for a month now. This is extremely frustrating co'z I'm doing a lot of research for my Thesis and some other MORE PROJECTS.

    PS. We already paid our bills. Heck, they didn't even send us our bill so we have to go to their office to pay it ourselves!

    Our dsl provider? They call themselves a company but I think they're just nothing more than an organized group of scammers and worms.

    None other than: DIGTEL

    Could this be a problem of our own connection/cable/somthingy? Bcoz when we called they said something like that. Isn't it a little too obvious? Are they cutting us or something?! This is extremely annoying. I just want to seewhat you will say guys.

    Oh and how does SmartBro works? We plan to switch to SmartBro once we rid ourselves of this stupidity.

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    pansinin mo kung anong oras mismo. kung eksaktong 6:39 kunwari nawawala at gabi-gabi na sa ganung oras nawawalan, merong something something na yan. hehe.

  3. Dude...O.O pano mo nalaman?! Saktong ganyan ngang time nawawala! Anu un pinupotol nila pag oras na ng uwian!? WAAAAAAAH!
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    madaming klaseng smart bro. magbasa ka sa ibat ibang smart bro threads for ideas pero nothing beats wired internet for stability

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