Does Digitel DSL block certain applications?

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by carlzero7, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. talagang ganito na ba talga digitel noong una sa akin ok naman downloading ko ngaun kahit umaga, hapon, gabi, gumagapang na internet connection. ung 414mb na download ko 1 day ko cya nado2wnload. wala kasi choice diditel lang talaga.
    2.5mbps ung inaplyan ko
    tama ba yan
  2. nabuto

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    HTTP browsing, GOOD.
    FlashVideo streaming, SUPERB.
    uTorrent, WORKING.
    Garena, CONNECTED.

    Seems like Digitel blocks certain applications (P2P apps?) of certain subscribers at certain periods of time (peak hrs?).[/quote:20g96y67]

    i told you naman. they throttle the speed during the day. pwede ka pa rin magdownload ng torrent sa araw pero mabagal. sa gabi, pwedeng-pwede na. yung garena namin noon, talagang walang list of games na lalabas kaya hindi pwedeng makapaglaro.
  3. nabuto

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    hehe. talagang ganyan lang ang digitel. pero dapat sa metro manila (sky broadband) or quezon city (bayantel) ka nagconduct ng speed test mo. wag dyan sa paraƱaque.



    and with regards to our paraƱaque speed test (head chala!):


  4. Nabuto, I appreciate your replies, I'm sorry, and I don't mean any disrespect, but I think you should re-read the topic. My primary concern is about the two applications, which uses P2P networking. All other connections (HTTP browsing, Flash, FTPs, direct downloads, etc.) that don't use P2P are working fine. And even during the day, when I use proxy, P2P applications works fine. In other words, I can download using torrent and play Warcraft III online using Garena any time of the day with the help of a proxy server. They do not throttle my speed.

    [hr]I ran the Glasnost test on Gnutella and eMule, which also uses P2P networking, and found out that they are also blocked. By this, we can say that P2P is being blocked timely by Digitel on certain subscribers.

  5. @carlzero7

    Sir paturo naman po - pano i set ang proxy sa garena ???

  6. Easiest way I know is to download and install <removed by poster>. After installation, run it and wait for it to connect to the proxy server (system tray icon should be green). You should be able to play Garena once connected.

  7. ty sr - pero khit ung the Hard way ! ok lng - para d na ako gumamit ng 3rd party software - kung pwede lng naman sr

  8. As far as I know, Garena doesn't support the use of proxy servers on its own, which means you'll always need the help of a 3rd party program.
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    of all the subscribers, you are the only one who claims that something is blocked. no one else claims that something is being blocked on their side. it could be that you have a very special connection, then. what do you think? hehe. i conducted the glasnost test on the 3 p2p protocols and nothing is blocked nor shaped.

  10. Vexxor claimed that he/she has similar experience:

    Maybe other users experiencing this same thing aren't bothered by this concern, or perhaps they don't realize what shit they're in to, or maybe they just don't bring out that much effort as I do to solve this kind of matter.
  11. nabuto

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    coming here won't solve your problem. you have to report it to them. i hope things would be solved, not just for you but for all who has similar problems as you have. but i don't think it would be that easy for them to do all the fixes that are needed. but for us here, i do not have any problems with digitel.

  12. You're right. Coming to this forum alone won't solve my problem. But if it's not for this forum, I wouldn't have been able to know what other Digitel subscribers experience, which helps me deduce what exactly the problem is. Also, thanks to this forum that I knew that I shouldn't rely alone on reporting my case to Digitel CS, which I did 5 days ago. They hadn't return any call since then.

  13. Good news - here in Binan - Digitel Subscribers can now plat Garena any time of the day, I think they resolve things in their end.

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