Does Bayantel DSL work with a router ?

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by zeach16, May 2, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know how to configure a HUAWEI MT 880 so that it would work on a WiFi router (Linksys Wireless - G)?
  2. friday13

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    Parehas tau ng modem na gamit sir. Kaso wired kasi ang gamit namin na router eh. Try mo na lang po itanong sa CS nila.
  3. Symantec

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    ako dlink router ko, ang alam ko,sa router mo na i co-configure (username,password), wala na ako ginalaw sa modem.
  4. Ross

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    Bayantel's default modem settings would be on bridge mode. So you dont need to touch anything anymore on the modem.

    Just plug in your linksys router and follow these steps:
    1. launch your IE then go to or (depending on the default gateway number. to double check go to "start>run>type in cmd or command>then type ipconfig" whatever shows up on your default gateway number, that will be numbers you'll enter on the address bar)
    2. access router's gui
    3. go to connection type> set it to PPPoE > enter your PPP username and password > scroll down below and hit save changes or apply changes > then click on continue
    4. wait for about 10-15secs
    5. and try to surf

    if the steps wont work:
    1. unplug the modem and the router from the power
    2. plug modem back in, wait for the dsl light to turn solid green
    3. plug the router back in as well
    4. wait for 10-15secs again
    5. then enjoy :)
  5. Symantec

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    nag bayantel ka na? musta?

  6. Naka-router po ako and OK nmn po so far, pero ask ko lang po:

    'Pag nag-expire na contract ng DSL ko (kasi diba after 1 year [or 2 yrs depende sa subscription] dapa pa-kabit ulit 'ung connection?) at xmpre i-reconnect nila kasi i-maintain ko subscription, 'di nila gagalawin 'ung router/wi-fi setup ko? In short, legal po ba mag-router? Hehehe...

    Sorry kung mejo tanga 'ung tanong :))
  7. dyoddyowel

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    pag nag-expire yung contract mo di nila aalisin yung connection, just continue paying the monthly fee, no need to re-connect... so no need to worry at di nila tatanggalin yung router mo...

  8. Just bought the WRT54GS router yesterday. I had an ugh experience setting it up using the Setup wizard. The configuration it setup was messed up. Finally, i just restored it to the factory settings, followed the above steps given by Ross, and viola, i'm up and running. Thanks, Ross. (Works great with Nintendo DS, as well.)

  10. Ross

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    welcome ni'kaye! :)
  11. cORnviTz

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    uu gagana router s bayantel kc ako nkarouter eh dlink ung gmit ko so far ok nmn sya satisfied nmn ako...

  12. my tanong ako kung paano isetup sa bridge mode yung bayandsl modem/router sa cdr king, mahina kasi yung signal masyado ng bayan dsl modem/router so ang gagawin ko icoconnect ko yung router ng cd r king at bayandsl sa bridge mode para yung connection signal nya mas malakas, paano ba gagawin yung sir, thanks

  13. gagana po. dalawa po router ko yung dlink lb 604, saka dlink wifi router para maextend range ng wifi. google nyo po using 2 routers in 1 network.

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