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  1. Ei, mga co digitel subscribers.. Just want to ask few questions regarding my ADSL.

    I have 384KBps (down) and 100KBps (up) connection. Too slow when I am trying to watch anime online. My cousin have 832KBps (down) and 400KBps (down). He can watch anime aithout buffering. My question is.... Can I use his internet connection by using his IP? If that so, how?

    Also, regarding the QoS in the router configuration. How can I access that? Is there a hack for the username and password? Maybe thru that I can make some changes in my ADSL speed. Kasi ung sa Smart Bro with Canopy, may configuration lng aku ginwa sa QoS, ntweak ko ung connection speed.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you.
  2. Unwired

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    IF you are in same ISP yes you can ask his username and password but you can not use it at the same time...

    If the router has it, it must be there...lol...

  3. nabuto

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    feeling ko hindi pwede kasi sa nakadynamic kayo ng koneksyon. that is, kung pareho kayong nakadynamic which is highly likely na yun nga ang koneksyon nyo.

  4. On the security of Prolink modems by Digitel


    To all those DigitelOne customers out there, I'd like to point out
    that your Prolink modem is a dream for any (remote) hacker.

    All Prolink Hurricane modems (models H9200 an 9200AR) supplied by Digitel have the following serious security flaws:

    - the Digitel login credentials are: user: Digitel ; password: 12345

    - If ever the password would be different, it's extremely easy to trace and reveal in the webpages supplied by the Prolink modem.
    The password is in clear text in the HTML code behind the webpage.

    - The default admin password for Prolink routers is: user: admin ; password : password.
    Anybody can find this in the online manuals of these machines on the Internet.

    - The default ordinary user password for Prolink routers is: user: user ; password : user.
    Anybody can find this in the online manuals of these machines on the Internet. And even if one doesn't search for this, one can guess this very easily.

    - the HTTP and FTP access of these modems is by default open to the internet on ALL the modems. ANYBODY can hack and control a Prolink modem, supplied by Digitel, from anywhere in the world.

    - The IP range of Prolink DSL is -; that makes 127 * 255 = 32.385 extremely easy targets for hackers all over the world.

    The security of Prolink modems supplied by Digitel is ridiculous!

  5. duhwho

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    ako SUN Wireless Broadband.. IP ko din 115.147.xxx.xxx
  6. nabuto

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    Re: On the security of Prolink modems by Digitel

    i did a security check a long time ago and based on the result our system on digitel passed with a very good security rating.
    after reading your post, i was not shocked. why? because nobody has ever complained that they were hacked through their digitel connections.
    now, if your claims are true then i dare you to hack our system. and if you can successfully hack our system then digitel should be notified to correct those flaws.
    (now, start your work to hack our system. i assure you that you would not be able to do it. hehe.)
  7. ping

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    true, its easy to access modem gui of digitel some don't care about changing their default username & password, even a child can do it messing your configuration and can reset or disconnect internet anytime lol. i believe you TS digitel has too many flaws. but i don't bother doing it just a waste of time.
  8. dyoddyowel

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    Re: On the security of Prolink modems by Digitel

    care to elaborate more on the security check you were referring to?

    is that just some website assessing your security status? or some software?
  9. motion55

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    Talagang vulnerable ang H9000, H9200 and H9300 to hacking. As long as the modem is still visible from the WAN side, it is subject to hacking even if you change the password. By default, it is accessable form WAN as brekbiit said.

    Here is an old thread about someone asking how to get the username and password of a Huawei MT880. It also applies to the H9200.

    http://www.pinoydsl.net/viewtopic.php?t ... sc&start=9
  10. nabuto

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    Re: On the security of Prolink modems by Digitel

    it is a website that will check the vulnerability of your connection. it will check different ports. hindi ko na alam kung anong site yun kasi matagal ko ng ginawa yun. chineck ko lang kung ok ang network namin or hindi at pasado naman kami.

    dun sa isang nagsabi na flawed and binibigay ng digitel, mas masasabi ko na "mas" flawed ang modem na binibigay ng globe kasi it does not ask for a password! maoopen mo agad ang modem at pwede mo agad idiskonek ang koneksyon! kahit na tanungin nyo ang globe dyan na merong aztech na modem. yun yung modem nilang may akses agad ang kahit na sino. kaya nagulat ako sa globe at hindi sa digitel.

    ps. lahat naman ng modem/router e merong default username at password so kapag hindi pinalitan agad ang password e di syempre may akses na agad lahat di ba?
  11. motion55

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  12. dyoddyowel

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    Re: On the security of Prolink modems by Digitel

    just as i suspected... anyway, don't rely on it too much as it may only gives you a false sense of security...

    back to brekbiit's claim... true... not just for digitel but also for some isp here and abroad especially those who use old devices (most have remote login enabled) who did not even bother to change the defaults...

    that is also the trick used in the old days by some <hacker wannabees daw> to get the user/pass of some legacy pldt pppoe subscribers...
  13. nabuto

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    those tests were similar to the tests that i conducted a long time ago. i did the tests and yes, we passed again.
  14. motion55

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    Yes, if you modify the modem settings then of course you would be less vulnerable to simple hacking.

    By closing all ports and making yourself invisible then the casual hacker will settle for other easier targets. These "low hanging fruit" are plenty out there anyway.

    Unless you are specifically targeted, such measures are sufficient.

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