Digitel DSL Service in Candelaria, Quezon - not good

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by quezondsluser, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Reported the issue last December 24. Their customer service lead to automated systems which does not provide enough help on who you can talk to.

    Email response took 6 hours to get more additional information like account number, installation address. After that, no more updates on what happened with your connection.

    Ping results for ping www.google.com -t showed about 30% packet loss. 30% of ping messages responded with timed out message.

    tracert results show timeouts within the Philippine system.
    1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
    2 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
    3 14 ms 15 ms 13 ms
    4 18 ms 14 ms 14 ms
    5 * * * Request timed out.
    6 34 ms 34 ms 36 ms
    7 * 41 ms 95 ms
    8 102 ms 34 ms 44 ms
    9 50 ms 72 ms 34 ms
    10 * 80 ms *
    11 36 ms 34 ms 40 ms hx-in-f104.1e100.net []

  2. Digitel Philippines Response Rate to Reported Customer Problem - No reply
    No response for December 26, 2011. Last correspondence is a templated response that it will be forwarded to the concerned department. Let's put this at Day 2.
    Day 1, December 24, 2011. Just got account details from the customer.
    Day 2, December 26, 2011. No reply. Will upate this tomorrow and see how it goes.

  3. After 23 hours of inquiring on the status of my incident. A ticket was generated in their tracking system.
    It has been referred to the Quezon Technical Team.
    Will update this thread on how their Technical Team will respond to the incident.

    So for future requests, please ensure you have your account number and other account details ready so you get faster (relative) responses.

  4. Another day with no follow up from Digitel. So I made another follow up.

  5. This is the reply I got today.

    Please be advised that we are currently awaiting advice from our technical team regarding the line restoration. Rest assured that this has been coordinated with our assigned group to expedite your concern.

    6 days and counting.
    Technical team got the advice last Tuesday. It's Friday today and a holiday. Wish us luck on how we can get digitel-fast service.

    Locals have the term Digihell. Not sure what that means.

  6. No Saturday reply. Quezon Technical Team may not have Saturday business hours. 7 days.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Ganyan din ang experience ko sa Digitel. May report, di nabibigyan ng attention ng Digitel, tapos dire diretso ang billing.

    Suggestion ko ay mag research muna sa mga computer rentals kung sino ang magaling mag service sa bayan nila.

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