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Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by kartog, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Good day! I'm a new member here
    would like to seek help guys,
    we have a digitel DSL connection in Bulacan
    I'm having a problem when I tried to hook up my working
    Linksys wi-fi router to the digitel modem probida.

    It seems digitel's dsl is point-to-point protocol over Ethernet, and the Linksys router keeps asking for the username/pword data. I tried asking digitel's CSR for the required data, she doesn't know/wouldn't give them.

    I'm stuck with a wired RJ45 jack in Bulacan.
    Anybody knows how I can work around this?

    Thanks very much in advance, happy new year to all!
  2. josekym

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    Only Digitel would know your PPPoE credentials as it is their system which needs it!

    Question, when you connect the ProBida modem direct to a PC, do you need to dial PPPoE from the PC via a connectoid?

    If not, then while connected to the net, check if your computer has its LAN card set to auto-obtain IP address and DNS. If yes, then all you'd need to do is set your Linksys WAN connection type to "Dynamic IP" or DHCP. Save settings and reboot the router.
  3. nabuto

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    ang alam ko, hindi pppoe ang digitel kasi wala naman silang binibigay na username at password. ang alam ko dhcp sila. kasi di ba autoconnect sila? pag on mo ng modem nila, may net na agad. nung nagset-up sila, wala silang pinasok na username at password. nakadynamic plan kami nun pero walang username at password. naka-static na kami ngayon pero wala ding username at password.

    the customer service could not give you something which does not exist in the first place. hehe.

    try mong gawing bridge mode ang modem mo tapos dhcp sa linksys mo.
  4. friech

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    Digitel DSL PorBida, lol (cebuano)

  5. In the prolink setup screen there are two protocols shown in WAN config


    also, PPPoE seems to have the "real" IP address of my connection

    is this the reason why I cant seem to use an off-the-shelf "gateway" (NetGear modem/wifi-router) in my digitel connection or a Linksys wifi router with their ProLink modem?

    Thanks again to everyone for your valuable advice!

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