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  1. gud pm po mg2 years nkong gumgm8 ng digitel dsl dynamic ip lang balak ko sanang ipa static ip kaso indi ko lam kung ano ang mga advantagest at disadvantge ng static ip ano masmagandang gwin pa istatic oh ok n ung current dynamic ip n gnagamit cuh now bagal kc ng net comp shop pnmn 2ng business ko
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    sir, please don't say bad words :)
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  4. Hanap nalang po kayo ng ibang ISP kung balak niyo mag Digitel. Mas okay pa service ng wireless broadband kaysa sa Digitel. Ang dami kong nawalang clients at workload dahil sa poor service nila at hindi pa marunong mag bigay ng rebates unlike other ISPs. If you have other choices, then I advise you not to get Bida or other plans of Digitel.

    :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x

  5. para makaganti tayo sa digitel,boycott natin lahat ng products/companies na tied-up sa kanila like robinson's,sun,summit media magazines like yes magazine.cebu pacific.

    tutal ayaw nila tayo bigyan ng magandang serbisyo,yan ang ganti natin sa kanila.

  6. Bulok naman talaga ang digitel, naka lock pa kasi ako, ang taas pa ng pre termination fee... 6 months pa good bye digitel onting tiis na lang minus 1 na kayo...

  7. They have the worst support service...this is my experience with Digtel

    1. My phone & DSL (1mbps package) line was installed last week of March 2008. For the first 2 weeks I have no outgoing calls and very slow internet. A month after, they sent me a bill for the first two weeks after of almost useless gadgets.

    2. I paid for 1800 monthly for 1mbps but I often get almost a third of what I paid for.

    3. My Smartbro line gets network interruption at most for a day. Digitel at most 3weeks.

    4. I called their business center in the city (the one in our place is now close), over 70 kilometers from our town but the number that I used to be calling has been changed and the voice prompt advised me to call the directory assistance. The CSR in the directory told me they cannot give the number because they want the business center to be limited to walk-ins and the phone inquiries should be directed to the hotline. i chose to call the business center because they process the complaints a little bit less slow, if there are results, compared to their hotline.

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