Cyberlaw: ISPs started to "cache" traffic?

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by ConfusedSchizo, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. The new cyberlaw seems to have pushed ISPs to start using cache/proxy servers and even configured them to be what is called "transparent."

    Transparent, yes, to the end-user like us... coz we don't have to configure it on our machines.

    So, speculate for all I care, but imo, this isn't right.

    I am a subscriber to (new signup actually) to skybroadband. I make it a point to check every few minutes the "netstat" of my PC... and always use apnic's whois service to check.

    Just yesterday, whois sites are now telling me that my ip is actually blah blah, but now, aside from that, there's another ip address that is being reported together with my assigned one...

    Hmm... not nice...
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    Nothing new.

    Globe already had their transproxy long before the cybercrime law... Other ISPs have or maintain their own caching proxies too.
  3. athenaxds

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    This is globe stupid practices in order to save bandwidth no wonder there are so much complains about torrent's speed so slow and some downloads but when it comes to other stuffs its sure is fast.

  4. Ok... but mine was a day or 2 old only. Though it's one way of making a network robust, I think, subscribers has the right to know that almost all their traffic to and from the internet are cached, and as such the implications would be.... blah blah. Mahirap yata yan ganyan... Parang nakatambak ang isang bagay na pwedeng gamitin laban sa iyo ng hindi mo alam.
  5. josekym

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    Well, maybe you should call up your ISP and ask them about that. IMO, it might be a different issue from what you are thinking...

    Web caching is done to optimize network resource usage, and many, if not all ISPs, use available technologies to accomplish this. Walang pinagkaiba sa mga net shop owners dito na gumagamit din ng squid/lusca, websense, etc. IMO, there is nothing to worry about unless your online activities include criminally liable acts like copyright infringement, child porno, etc.

    Besides, there are also a number of ways to bypass such caching/filtering... kung yung great firewall of China nga eh nagagawan pa ng paraan, dito pa kaya?
  6. josekym

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    Not really stupid, but think of it as a way for them to bring down the price of Internet access... IMO, globe has the most competitive prices on the market now? Yun din ang dahilan, marahil, sa pag-enforce nila sa FUP. It is beleived that the majority of traffic on the net is that of p2p/torrents, so it does not help at all that consumers are prone to using their connectivity in ways that bring down the network to a crawl.
  7. jerick

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  8. Ok, so it's simply, no need to be afraid if you're clean. Since the very first day of you using the internet, just how many times have you been caught by surprise by a very "erotic" window that just popped out of nowhere? How about a window that whenever you try to close them, another one opens? It's not a virus. But there are sites that does this kinds of things.

    Bypass? Hmm how can you bypass this? I mean it comes as "#2" in my netstat screen, the quotes being I should see it that way, but it's not... Only shows that when I do a reverse trace... but if do a reverse trace, I don't see my IP address, only that cache/proxy ip.
  9. jerick

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    siguro panahon na din para itago natin ang mga sarile natin sa kanila kung sakali maging strikto sila sa batas na yan, we can redirect all of our trafic to other country's so that it became hard for them to trace us, lalo na sa ating mga lanshop owner, we don even know kung anong kalokohan ang maaaring gawin ng mga tomers natin and tayo ang mas apektado...

    i dont agree with using such downloadable softwares out there to hide our ip or mask it..pwde din kase nila tayo ma trace in that way kase pwde nila makuha impormasyon na need nila form that softwares, lalo na ung mga wello known softwares like utorrent ,etc etc...oo sa part natin nakikita nating nakahide or naka mask, pero sa part ng softwares naka log ung ip natin sa kanila, so we are not safe

  10. Exactly! Most certainly twisted minds in our gov't will be more artistic than Picasso and Da Vinci combined, while handling and sifting through tons and tons of data that will be collected over the years.

    Monitoring and collecting that amount of data will require some heavy funding as far as equipments are concerned, not to mention the personnel needed. Processing them is another thing. This will surely benefit the kurakot boys.
  11. jerick

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    so be it...this will surely help us

    kesa gagamit ng anonymysers na downlodable via internet why not build our own ?
    in that way eh ikaw ang may control sa mga log files mo at ng mga tomers mo, hindi ang gobyerno or ISP's, for sure di naman sila magkakainteres if they found out na di naman pala sa pilipinas galing ung mga packets why bothering keeping those logs if di naman galing sa bansang pilipinas...they wont monitor us dahil masasayang lang resources nila...

    look at anonymous phil. till now di nila ma trace
  12. josekym

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    Heheh. All I can say is, that only happens when you do not practice safe browsing (i.e. click before you read/think). ;)

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