Connecting zyxel P600 of PLDTto Dlink load balancer router.

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  1. Can anyone help me this...

    1. We we're connected with PLDT and they gave us a Zyxel P600 series modem/router.
    2. Recently we we're connected with Bayantel and they gave us with a ZTE modem.
    3. Our problem is how can we connect this two modem to our Dlink Load Balancer Router that will eventually optimized our internet signal?
    4. The ZTE modem to Dlink Load Balancer Router is now functional but we could connect the Zyxel from PLDT. I have tried Bridging mode from Routing mode but nothing happens.

    Hope anyone with a kind heart will share his/her gift/talent/skill.

    Many thanks..

  2. josekym

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    Naka-router mode ba yung Zyxel modem? If yes, then check that the LAN IP of the DLink router is not on the same subnet as the LAN IP of the Zyxel modem (i.e. sila pareho).

    Also, cloning the MAC address of the PC (which works on the PLDT connection) on the DLink router may help.
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    sureball ito sir ahh...hehehe

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