Compiled List of Announcement, Rules and Regulations in PDSL

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  1. greekolo

    greekolo Member


    Posting Policies

    Posting & Signature Guidelines posted by dslmaster
    Posting Guidelines posted by Unwired
    Posting Title and Thread Starting posted by klyster

    No illegal Software Allowed posted by dslmaster
    RULES ON P2P LINKS posted by dslmaster
    Rules on Copyrighted Materials posted by dyoddyowel

    Buy and Sell Policies

    Buy and Sale Posting Policies posted by dslmaster
    Buy and Sale Posting Format posted by kwiki

    Important Announcements

    5 points warning system posted by dslmaster
    Just a simple reminder... posted by dslmaster
    Attention: Post all your bandwidth speed test results here posted by dyoddyowel
    About This(I'm Bored) Section posted by Symantec
    Having problems with your PinoyDSL account? Read this... posted by dyoddyowel

    About us

    how to contact us for problems posted by dslmaster
    How to contact me / Send complain posted by dslmaster
    report to the moderators... posted by dyoddyowel
    Frequently Asked Question(s) - FAQ

    You can easily contact us by clicking this.


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    [size=18][color=red]PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND [/color] [/size]
    [u][b]Posting Policies[/b][/u]
    [url=][b]Posting & Signature Guidelines [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Posting Guidelines [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]Unwired [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Posting Title and Thread Starting [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]klyster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]No illegal Software Allowed [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]RULES ON P2P LINKS [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Rules on Copyrighted Materials [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]dyoddyowel [/color][/b]
    [u][b]Buy and Sell Policies[/b][/u]
    [url=][b]Buy and Sale Posting Policies [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Buy and Sale Posting Format [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=black]kwiki [/color][/b]
    [u][b] Important Announcements [/b][/u]
    [url=][b]5 points warning system [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Just a simple reminder... [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Attention: Post all your bandwidth speed test results here [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]dyoddyowel [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]About This(I'm Bored) Section [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]Symantec [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Having problems with your PinoyDSL account? Read this... [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]dyoddyowel [/color][/b]
    [u][b] About us[/b][/u]
    [url=][b]how to contact us for problems [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]How to contact me / Send complain [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=green]dslmaster [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]report to the moderators... [/b][/url]posted by [b][color=blue]dyoddyowel [/color][/b]
    [url=][b]Frequently Asked Question(s) -  FAQ[/b][/url]
    You can easily contact us by clicking [url=]this[/url].
    compiled by [b]greekolo[/b]
    - greekolo
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    wow thanks..

    kaso bakit ako walang posted?

  3. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    hehe.. salamat master D.. wala kasi ako makitang na ginawa mong rules eh.

    kaya ko ginawa to para di na mahirapan maghanap yung iba especially yung mga bago.
  4. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    Nice dapat sa lahat po ng section to para mabasa hehe, kasi sa imbored lang po ata ^^
  5. klyster

    klyster Member

    Pakopya buddy
  6. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    ok bro.. sige kopya lang. hehe..
  7. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    Salamat dito. Ilang oras mo ginawa yan?
  8. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    di ko na maalala eh medyo matagal ko na din to ginawa..
  9. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    nice tol greek... two thumbs up sayo... galing talaga, mod na mod ah
    lagi ko binabalikan yang mga yan hirap nga lang mag dig... tol thanks
  10. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    your welcome bro palevel.

  11. this is my first POst here....

    ok po naiintindihan ko.....

  12. bat error kapag pumupunta na ako sa mga threads....?
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    this might have been moved or removed.. let me check with dsl master

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