Cisco Introduces Unified Computing System

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    Cisco Introduces Unified Computing System
    By Eden Estopace, (Networks), Updated March 30, 2009


    In an 11-city press launch through the Telepresence, (the Cisco videoconferencing technology that allows “face-to-face” meetings over the network), Singapore-based Cisco executives Pete Nichols, business development manager for data center, and Andre Smit, managing director for data center sales, announced a major transition in its data center architecture, which it calls Data Center 3.0, that seeks to deliver on the promises of “virtualization through unified computing.”

    The goal, according to the Cisco executives is to come up with a self-managed and holistic approach to computing by simplifying the data center. To be able to unleash the potential of this data center, there is a need for a unified computing strategy, or a cohesive system that unites computing, network storage access and virtualization. “The benefits include reduced total cost of ownership, increased business agility and improved energy efficiency,” they said.

    “We fully intend to lead in this transformation in the data center,” said John Chambers in a video message. “This new unified computing system brings together the concepts of compute, network, virtualization and storage in a way that we think isn’t just a product announcement but as the future which others will build.”

    More details here: ... egoryId=71

    .. sa totoo lang, wala akong kaaydi-idea ng mga pinagsasabi ng article na ito... mga guru, paki-explain nga itong “virtualization through unified computing.”... for dummies, please...

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