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    alternatively, turn your pc into a cisco router where you can use *real world* workstation. just play around with the dynamips.
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    I already tried to simulate couples of routers like the one used by pldt on our corporate accounts...
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    how realistic is this? I DON'T believe this. In just 5 days you're going to learn the 4 modules of Netacad? Subnetting alone, mangangapa na estudyante. paano pa theories like routing lookup behaviour, what do you expect the router will do if this and that entries are present? ano ang broadcast domain, collision domain. spanning tree protocol is another huge topic. haluan pa natin ng multiple instances (per vlan).

    yun pang BASIC networking theories OSI & DoD model. understanding this will make t-shooting easier. different per layer protocols, ARP, DHCP ,TCP, IP, routing protocols (distance-vector/link-state: EIGRP, RIPv1/2, OSPF)

    tapos WAN technologies (Frame Relay, PPP, ACLs, encapsulation protocols HDLC). ano CSU/DSU? ACLs, madugo yan.

    Isa pa, yung mmsite sabi 80% hands-on, 20% lecture. sa unang tingin, mukang OK kasi nga gusto natin actual. Pero in my opinion, networking involves a deep theoretical understanding. doing the actual config is FAR easier than understanding the concepts behind the theory. diba mas maganda maintindihan muna kung paano o ano mangyayari bago i-roll out yung config?

    Pero depende baka ang goal lang ay makabisa mga questions....hmmm....

    I would love to hear your take on this.

  5. @isponj_bob

    I think nasagot na yang mga questions mo, pa-back-read na lang :)

  6. hehehe, popcorn thread na to ah.

    pasawsaw mga sir, imho, may pro and cons sa bootcamp and netacad. case to case siguro.

    imho, ang bootcamp ok pag intermediate na yung knowledge ng student sa network

    i have seen different people (ccna) that came from acad + bootcamp, i would say na depende pa rin ito sa estudyante.
    guy1 came from a known bootcamp school -
    guy2 came from an unknown bootcamp school
    both came from an acad

    guy1 passed the ccna exam, no sweat, while it took guy2 to take 2 exam try to pass.

    but the difference is guy2 has better grasp of the theories and actual configuration. - the difference? guy 2 have lots of time spent on actual hardware while guy1 was good at memorizing braindumps.

    kahit mga ccnp, dami pa ring nagrerely sa braindump
    madali lang magsubnet, but the problem is yung concept and use nito. pag ang bootcamper wala idea, kaya nyang isubnet yung binigay na number, kaya lang di alam kung para saan ito.

  7. Want to kick-start your network career? Enroll in our intensive CCNA Bootcamp training. No need to enroll in 4 modules what you\'ll learn from us in 5 days.

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  8. kaya pang bilangin ang mga CCIE sa pinas... last 2009 8 lng sila pero karamihan nasa ibang bansa.. ngayon 2011 siguro naging triple lng..

  9. this is cheap ccna bootcamp start from 20k up to 30k ... do you have ccna voice training.. CME , QOS,, ?

  10. we don't have ccna voice available as of yet. We are still in the process of acquiring equipments that would be needed in the said training. We have a tentative schedule last quarter of this year as soon as we all have the equipments in place :)
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    gusto ko sana.. kea lng i can't imagine kung hanggang saan ang kaya kong iabsorb within 5days... pero gusto ko talaga mag aral at mag practice ng networking^_^ huhuhuhu.... sayang sayang sayang^_^.... ang hirap kc mag self study... wala kasing nag eexplain at nag cocorrect^_^...
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    ^dude start kasa GNS3, ayos naman sya... Ok nga din yan eh. siguro mag bootcamp ako pag mag-refresh na ko ng skill sets ko sa cisco bago mag exam. Sana nga may thread dito para sa CCNA alam ko madami din nag-self study nyan dito. pwede siguro tayo matulungan ng mga Cisco expert natin dito. PM moko kung gusto mo ng resources hehehhehe.
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    w0w ayus to ah. sana marating ko rin yung ganyan hehehe

  14. last quarter wow , I'm looking forward to that..

  15. 5 days kayang kaya mo yan.. 8 hours training sa A.M tpos 8 hours practice sa P.M .
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    hi GUys after that getting this cisco certification, do they also help you to get a job related to this? I work as a Technical help desk for 3 years, I'm interested with this one but not sure kung mgagamit tlga in real life.. how much ba usual offer sa entry level jobs na me gantong certs?thanks!

  17. Yung CCNA cert mo will help you get a networking job, kasi yan yung usual requirements ng mga companies na hiring. Yung salary depends on kung saang company ka mapupunta, iba-iba kasi ung salary range

  18. fishtank, when you get a CCNA certificatio, you could also for a CCNP. It's a higher level certification.
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    I see, Who amongst you guys already have these kind of certs? just wanna know..hehe

  20. bos ask lang aq kc im graduate AMA davao 2007, alam nyu kung san na ngayun sa davao ang review center ng cisco d2? thanks guys hope u can help me

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