Cisco CCNA, Linux Bootcamp

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  1. Want to jump start your career? Want to be a network / system administrator? Enroll in one of our bootcamps and learn in 5 days what you'll learn in 4 modules from other schools! Check us out at
  2. cORnviTz

    cORnviTz Member

    magkano sir?
  3. donetus

    donetus Member

    ^^ most of their trainings costs 12.5K (from their website)

    .. sarap sana mag-training kung me money ..
  4. moliro

    moliro Member

    :( interested ako... ung wallet ko hindi
  5. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    Hold your horses people. Keep in mind na hindi lahat ng company ay gumagamit cisco product.

  6. yep,not all companies use cisco products. but they require at least a ccna certification to want to hire you :D plus, the ccna training also tackles on networking concepts that companies would ask you ifever you would be granted an interview for a job, i know companies that doesn't use cisco but asks questions on interview that they got from the ccna exam :wink:

  7. Hi. Our trainings costs P9500 :D But I guarantee that you'll be learning more than what you pay for :wink: You can check out our competitors, and see that our training only costs a fraction from theirs, without compromising quality :wink:

  8. Hi guys! Our training fees are now at P9,500 until December trainings only.
  9. primus

    primus Member

    mga ccsi / ccie ba ang mga instructor nyo?

  10. not yet, CCIE written passer pa lang. ECE,RHCE,CCNP,CCNA po yung instructor namin
  11. cORnviTz

    cORnviTz Member

    welcome ba laha dito? mapapro o kahit beginners?

  12. oo naman :D kahit beginners pwede. Kahit zero knowledge ini-encourage namin mag-enroll :D
  13. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    What do you mean "zero knowledge"... :roll: :?
  14. genexide

    genexide Member

    maybe zero knowledge about cisco and the networking world sir unwired.

    but still, he cant be considered zero knowledge in cisco because if he has no knowledege at all about networking, why would a person pursue this course?
  15. primus

    primus Member

    so basically hindi talaga CCSI and hindi kayo CLP? masyadong mahal ang 9.5k nyo considering na hindi naman pala authorized cisco instructor ang magtuturo. no offense meant ha, i have multiple certification too, but that doesn't make me an authorized personnel to train the same cert i have. siguro mas maganda kung ang i-promote nyo is "cisco tutoring service" instead of a bootcamp or a quick "exam passing", at least yung term na "tutoring" has an impression na "privately trained" ang students and cisco has nothing to do with it. don't get me wrong ha. mostly kasi sa mga 1week training course, students are taught to memorize and not to understand. madaling i-memorize and CLI ng cisco IOS pero understanding the principle behind it and make students to understand it is a hard one. IP addressing alone is very confusing to many experienced network admins how much more sa mga "zero knowledge", kung memorization lang ang gagawin, i would rather join sites that offers "free" online simulator and practice exam. and comparing your price with other "training provider" i would rather spend an extra thousand more kung ang training center is a CLP and instructors are ccis, at least you can blame and report them to cisco if they trained you wrongly. If i would spend money, i would rather go to someone that is fully accredited and authorized by cisco, tulad ng trendsnet, look at their training course, talagang ipaiintindi sa iyo ang lahat and definitely it doesn't take 5 days to learn those, it takes more than that. - it's the "self-initiative and understanding" being taught there and not memorization ang training duon and *official cisco* training module and teaching method pa ang ginagawa duon.

    so for 9.5k and 12k? who do you think is better?

    dami kayang nagkalat na ccna passer na ni minsan eh hindi pa nakahawak ng actual hardware and implementation in a real world.

  16. @primus

    Hi. I understand what you're saying, considering siguro na galing ka sa isang Cisco Academy. Have you seen our website? We have invested so much on our equipments, that all our lectures and laboratories would be purely hands-on, and we make sure that students would know how to implement in a real world environment, that's what they're paying for.

    And, kung nahihirapan ka sa IP addressing, sorry for you, HINDI SIYA MAHIRAP. We teach IP addressing for 2hours only, and we have a way of teaching for you to master it, without running around in circles, like everyone else is doing.

    One thing you'll know when you have real world experience is TECHNIQUE : it makes everything faster, and makes you understand better. That's what we teach - TECHNIQUE.

    And, we are not teaching students to memorize. We teach them how to UNDERSTAND concepts, and UNDERSTAND each command for them to better grasp the subject, to troubleshoot better. WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND, YOU DON'T NEED TO MEMORIZE ANYTHING.

    I have been to CLPs/Cisco Academy before when I was starting out, and all we do is just sit there in front of the computer and read the module for 1 hour, and take the exam afterwards. Is that learning to you? If it is, then go ahead, to each his own.

    Have you ever taken the board exam? How on earth can board exam review centers teach you in 2months what you learned in school in 5 years? It's about TECHNIQUE. So, is it possible to explain things to a beginner how to configure CISCO in 5 Days? OF COURSE! You are underestimating the power of your brain.

    And, please respect other people's post. I know you're an experienced forumer here, but you have no right to pre-judge our training center. Kung gusto mong magyabang, do it somewhere and someplace else. And, wala kaming sinasabing masama sa ibang mga training centers, we even know some of their trainors. We have our own way of teaching, AND IT'S NOT MEMORIZATION, so kung gusto mong mag-promote ng CLPs, make your own thread.
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  17. primus

    primus Member

    I've seen it, if your "training center is what you claim to be, you don't need to entice people here. people will come to your doorstep.

    read back again at hindi mo ako naintindihan, I am referring to your "5 days" thinggy.

    I said ..

    " IP addressing alone is very confusing to many experienced network admins how much more sa mga "zero knowledge"

    again.. read *between* the lines. you are the one who raise your advertisement of "Enroll in one of our bootcamps and learn in 5 days what you'll learn in 4 modules from other schools! Check us out at"

    imaging a 4 modules?? in 5 days? you got to be kidding me!!!

    bad clp you went into. heheh

    kaya nga sinabing *exam review center* eh.. hahahaha - you are reviewing what you have learned in 5 years.. i.e. refresher.

    pero kung magtuturo ka ng whole 5 years course in 5 days time lang and hoping your student will pass the board exam - kalokohan yang pinagsasabi mo. - a doctor can explain to me how to cut open a patient in one hour, so now i can take a 5 days open surgery training and in five days eh alam ko na ang appendectomy??

    If you want me to respect your opinion, THEN start respecting others first, what i have posted is my opinion towards you and YOU have no right to tell me what I might feel about your training center.

    if you are who you say who you are, hindi lalangawin ang training center mo and i bet you would not even come here to entice people to enroll to your training center.

    baka nilalangaw na ang training center mo and you find it very necessary to post your advertisement here. lol!

  18. @primus

    Point taken. For one, I am not ENTICING, merely ADVERTISING is the right word. And i suppose, I am not posting in the wrong thread, am I? And advertising means sharing your product as close to the market as possible, and that's what I'm doing.

    And yes, I will stand by to what I am saying, that we can cover all Cisco 4 modules in 5 days. A good instructor makes a hard subject easy, and a mediocre one makes everything else hard to understand.

    4 Modules, 5 Days?? I AM NOT KIDDING! I don't have anything against CLPs, they need to follow the Cisco curriculum, that's why they're learning partners aren't they? We're just merely an option, for busy people who wants to learn fast, and doesn't have time for lengthy modules.

    And I did not say 5years course in 5 days, I said 5years course in 2months. That's entirely different.

    I apologize for being impulsive in answering your post. Because I just find it funny, with you bragging. I've taught on other "Authorized Training Centers" before, and I find it boring to have a topic to be discussed as lengthy as 1 week, if I can actually discuss it in 1hour, straight to the point with ALL concepts clearly discussed.

    And no, hindi naman kami nilalangaw. lol! :D

  19. Hi. sorry for the misunderstanding here. Zero knowledge means, zero knowledge on topics to be discussed. thanks :D
  20. genexide

    genexide Member

    sabagay si jeremy cioara nga 120mins lang inexplain ang OSPF e concept and config. kaso wala dun yung concept ng DR/BDR pati cost/bandwidth. he he.

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