CCTV in Digitel DSL, remotely viewable only with Digitel DSL

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by bensy, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Yup, tama lang na Bridged yung modem and the router hosts the connection. This is the ideal setup. If you use the Prolink as a router, then put the LAN IP address of the CCTV equipment on the "local IP", and then port range to 8080-8080 for local and public ports. I think you can skip putting values in the remote IP address.

    You can also try putting the CCTV LAN IP on the DMZ of the router to test if you can access it remotely.

  2. Working na sir. Thanks for the advise... Mabuhay ang PINOY DSL!!!
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    You used DMZ?

  4. Mga Sir, Puede po bang magpatulong regarding port forwarding
    May Prolink h9200 ar adsl modem/router and Dlink di-604 ako. ang ip add na ipportforward ko is under ni dlink
    pero hndi ko xa maaccess.
    may nga nababasa ako na bridge mode, pero nawawalan nman ng internet connection kapag naka bridge mode na po.
    what po ang configuration na kailangan ko to access it remotely ung DVR ko. sa PLDT wala ako problema, sa Digitel lang po parang may conflict with the two device.
    patulong nman po sa problema ko.
    maraming salamat po mga bossing.

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