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Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by blacksiopao, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Hi guys, may difference ba talaga ang residential compared to business DSL line?

    Nag rent kasi kami ng bagong office at gusto naming kumuha ng DSL line. Sa pag research ko, mayroong business at residential DSL offerings ang PLDT at BAYANTEL, yung GLOBE parang wala o di ko lang nakita.

    Pero sa mahal ang business dsl nila compared sa residential dsl offerings so gusto ko malaman kung worth it ba ang business line compared to residential?


  2. Sir, sa pag kaka alam ko wala masyadong difference yan, mag depend sa dami ng PC unit mo against bandwidth na kukunin mo.
    example: 2Mbps ISP mo for 5 - 10 unit ok pa rin (residential)
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    it does based on customer support and line quality
  4. pcruztemp

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    some say that for globe DSL and other ISP's, business lines are not capped or capped only after na cap ang personal lines, priority sila sa bandwidth bale

    and some business plans have a CIR or guaranteed minimum speed which is much better than personal plans

  5. PLDT Residential DSL uses a different network from their Business DSL. if you check, the IP ranges of the Residential subs are different from the Business subs. i assume that the Business DSL network has a higher capacity link to their gateway & redundant links.

  6. Business Line use STATIC IP and Residential Line use Dynamic IP, STATIC IP - sarili mo ung IP wala kang kaagaw kaya mabilis ang connection DYNAMIC IP - madame kau naka share sa 1 IP kaya kung crowded ang area mo nako babagal ang net mo.
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    IMO, IP address type does not directly translate to speed. Usually, oversubscribed yung residential network pipe, kaya mabagal pa rin ang connection mo kahit na may static IP ka pa on a residential plan. This is why "mas mabagal kung mas maraming subscribers" in any particular area.

    As an example: for several years now, naka business plan ako sa Globe DSL. When it was installed and configured in 2009, I had opted for Dynamic IP on it. I only got my Static IP activated after a year or so when Globe's transparent proxies were causing more harm than good. I can tell you that the network performance (i.e. speed in terms of latency and responsiveness) is on the same level for my plan, then and now. Walang pinagkaiba. Advantage lang talaga ng Static IP ni Globe is, hindi ka napupunta sa likod ng Transparent Proxy nila. :)

  8. afaik buiseness line quick support customer care residential no support

  9. 1. residential DSL plans have support. it just takes longer.
    2. blacksiopao - what plan did you end up getting? i'm curious because i know it is not the choice of the subscriber of whether he wants a residential or business DSL line. it is the telco who will tell you whether you are eligible for the residential or business plan. obviously, if the name of the subscriber is a business, then you must get a business line.
    3. rickster - tama si josekym, walang koneksyon ang ubusan ng IP address & congestion ng linya. with a dynamic IP address, if there are no more available IP addresses to be assigned to you, you will get NO connection. in my home, i have never required the more expensive static IP address. that said, previous problems i encountered were when the DHCP server of PLDT had problems, so i was not able to get a DSL connection.

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