Broadband Over Powerlines (BPL)

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by Jowest, Feb 10, 2006.

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    actually usong uso yan doon sa bataan noon 1970-80s halos lahat ng mga mayayamang tao noon sa may bitbit na radio.... tapos pataasan ng antenna sa bubong ng bahay.... pero noon na uso ang cell phone at nag install na pldt at digetel ng mga line nila ....isa isang nawala ang radio

    kadalasan ginagamit na lang yan sa prusisyon at pag ayos ng trapik sa simenteryo pag Nov. 1 at syempre gamit na gamit yan pag halalan para maiwasan ang dayaan....."hello Garci, roger!"
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    im sure NTC-advisory committee or any adhoc that will make a rule/guideline will take into consideration .... do FX /Mega Taxi use HAM radio to communicate with other FX operator specially is there some LTO Flying Squad hehehehe? hmmm...
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    I'm actually looking forward to the technology. I think it could create new possibiliies for appliances.

    think cable TV with schedules downloaded online, tied to your account so you get your bill updates, or online bank info on your TV, or internet radio streaming directly to your sound system. You can even download using the celphone charger! it's really an interesting technology.

    I just hope the interference issue is settled.

  4. ...

    hello guyz....

    i'm a network administrator form nextream broadband philippines, we're the one you setting the BPL @ PENELCO-Bataan..

    nice to hear that you talk about BPL ..
    on HAMs or harmonics topic... di namn issue masya yun sa connectivity since na BPL it self got its own frequency range and yung mga issue na harmonics or hams from the US is all about the old BPL technology so just like all of the interent type connection may mga trials and error din eh so ganun din ang BPL but syempre sa ngayun nakukuha narin yung kiliti nya at the same time yung progression ng development about sa mga chips na gamit sa kanya is ok namn..
    by the way while setting up here in Bataan by june i'll be at Misamis Oriental to do another setup with my team mates..

    and if you ask na if ever wla kuryente?
    so it mean to say na di naman nag b-base ang BPL signal sa kuryente since na sa frequency sya dumadaan but kung wla kang kuryente di mo rin magagamit PC mo.hehehehe.. but some of devices na kinakabit namin sa Pole need din power so in some cases wla talaga pero ok lng kasi wla ka rin power for your PC..hehehehe

    since na other DSL provider di na makakaabot ng linya nila sa rural area but abot ng kuryente so pwede ka na mag internet... by the way this is not only internet connection... it's a tripple play...(data, voice, video) you can have internet, cable TV(iPTV), telephone(voIP), and electricity....

    all you need is just an outlet pra saksakan ng BPL modem mo.

    and modem cost much lower than you ever think...

    thanks guyz

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    It's good to here it finally came here in the Philippines. Kinda old tech but its a very promising technology to give everyone the availability of internet connection. The power line will serve as a big medium and an antenna. Problem is it causes inference for low reserve frequency bandwitdh spectrum this is use for emergency.
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    how does the illegal connections affect the service or does it?hehe :lol:

  7. 1 year na pala itong thread. So kumusta na ang BPL?

  8. I'm from Abucay, Bataan and I'm just wondering when BPL will be available for commercial subscription. One year na ang BPL dito pero wala pa akong nababalitaang open na sila for subscription. Wala kasi kaming ibang choice na ISP dito kundi PLDT Vibe (Dial-up), Digitel Netvantage DSL (which is a lousy service) and Smart Bro (I always hear bad comments regarding this).
  9. Unwired

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    That's the power of Monopoly..:)
  10. gibi

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    ito mgandang tanong

    Do you think BPL will make other broadband services obsolete? Why or why not?
  11. dyoddyowel

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    hmmm... probably not...

    i think the future is in wireless...
  12. Unwired

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    wireless and fiber optics technology in every household.

  13. Linksys is already offering this device since 2003 (I guess) but this is the indoor type. I also think other maker also have this kind of device.
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    NO, Broadband Over Powerlines (BPL) relies on power line infrastructure which in our country is not that great to start with. there are a lot of places in the Philippines with irregular or not power at all. but assuming a certain area has good power infrastructure then it will be able to compete with DSL since DSL has a much more limited service area. then again what if the BPL provider is not providing enough facilities for BPL right?

    our country is an archipelago composed of 7k+ island. wireless technology will be much more suitable for our country. the best of course will be a combination of wired and wireless.
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    yup i know :D

  16. i think this technology is quite good in a sense that you dont have to rewire again the house.

    go for fiber to the home technology! F2H

  17. ay nako! kailangan pa bang alalahanin yan kung di ka rin makakagamit ng pc? (except lng kung nka laptop ka or my UPS ka! hehehehe)

    umm, PH has fluctuating currents over power lines as mentioned. eh papano kung tumaas outside of sustainable levels? eh di sabog PC mo LOL

  18. Papano mo naman palulusutin yung data sa Transformer. kasi compare sa voice frequency ang data hindi pwedeng makalusot pag may coil ang linya. eh ang powerline ay napakaraming coils which is in laymans terms ay mga transformers
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    hehehe, good point

    kaya cguro, kasi wave naman ang pag transmit ng kuryente. at existing na yang technology sa ibang bansa nagagamit naman nila ng maayos. tanung lng kung compatible dito sa pinas yung system at cyempre dapat maayus yung sistema kung hindi baka hindi malayo abot ng signal.

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