Broadband Over Powerlines (BPL)

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    Broadband Over Powerlines (BPL)

    A United States-based firm and the Peninsula Electric Cooperative of Bataan have formally launched a new technology that will make use of electric lines not only for electric power but for internet connection, telephone lines and cable television.

    Bataan becomes the pioneer site of the first big project in the country of Nextream Broadband Philippines known as broadband over power lines or BPL. Nextream is a US-based firm with the Filipino-American businessman Tyrone Javellana as its chair and chief executive officer.

    Ronald Fesalbon, Nextream's Chief Technical Officer, said the towns of Pilar and Abucay and the City of Balanga, the base of the project, are already on-line and ready for commercial operation before the second week of February.

    Fesalbon explained that with the use of a modem that costs about P1,200, one can have internet access or telephone connection anywhere by simply plugging it to any electric convenience outlet available in the house or office. There is no need of telephone wires but mere electric lines in place.

    Fesalbon said with the use of BPL, overseas call to the US will cost only five cents per minute as compared to 40 cents charged by other cellphone carriers.

    Penelco general manager Engr. Loreto Marcelino said the Bataan electric distributor is honored to be the premier and pilot partner of Nextream in the noble venture aimed at empowering the people in the rural areas.

    "Penelco is the first in the whole country which registered 100 percent electrification for Bataan in 1997 and we are glad to be part of this project that will lead Balanga as the first "wired city" in the Philippines," Marcelino said.

    Retired Gen. Pedro Dumol said Nextream's tie-up with electric cooperatives will address what he termed as the great digital divide in the country.

    He expressed optimism over the broadband firm's viable and affordable system, noting that it will give information technology access even to the poor rural folks using electric cable wires.

    Dumol is considered as the father of rural electrification having served as National Electrification administrator from 1970 to 1986.

    He noted that Nextream has also formal tie-ups with three Cebu Electric Cooperatives (Cebeco I, II and III), the Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative and Cagayan Electric Cooperative.

    These electric firms and Penelco were chosen in joint venture with Nextream for "being the best electric coops in the country", he noted.

    Dumol said the American firm has set its sights in tapping over 40,000 barangays in the country connected to power lines and electricity networks.

    The BPL launching recently coincided with the graduation of 28 electric coop employees from Cebu, Pangasinan and Bataan. They took up a three-week training at the Penelco training center in Balanga City on the broadband over power lines technology.

    Nextream officials led by Javellana, chief fiancial officer Gary Cedeno, advisor Harold Hui and corporate counsel Rico Sogocio all flew from the US to attend the Bataan BPL launching.

    They also donated 10 sets of computers with flat screen monitors to the Bataan National High School in Balanga. It will provide free internet access to 5,637 high school students. The firm will also provide a computer set each to 237 barangays in Bataan. ---
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    tagal na rin ethernet-over-power like phone... ewan ko lang kung may new technolgy sila... to counteract the downside effect.. specially ang mga power natin eh hindi consistent... palagin fluctuating hehehehe pinas pa...

    dapat di gagamit nang AVR or whatever na mag susupress nang power... well kung mat new technology sila...pwede

  3. Ok yan BPL, problema lang madami pa mga barangay sa mga rural areas na di inaabot ng Power lines.
    Ano kaya mga downsides ng BPL? Mas mahal kaya bill ng kuryente nila sa areas na may BPL na???
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    but imagine if they can perfect that technology, one day, you can just plug you modem to any electric outlet and you will have an internet connection... or TAPPED on it and steal internet connection :twisted:
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    Pano kung walang kuryente?
  6. rpacis

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    Baka naman dumoble ang singil ng meralco dahil diyan. Hehehe... Sabihin nila nakikigamit kasi ng power lines nila...
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    ok lang kahit walang kuryente basta mapatakbo mu yang pc mu may internet ka :D

    at doon naman sa Meralco di sila naka tap sa meralco sa Electric Coop Po sila

  8. Regarding BPL at answers to a few of your questions :D

    Hi everyone, regarding BPL, there are two kinds... indoors and outdoors...

    Basically, indoors are used as extensions of DSL connections from other subscribers(e.g. mydsl, greendot etc...) using existing powerlines of homes. Kumbaga mala home-networking ang purpose niya.

    Outdoor BPL are used to bring connections to each homes... Ito yung papalit sa mga current DSL providers.

    Regarding sa concern kung magdadagdag ng electricity... Basically it is impossible... kasi ang electric signals ay analog, at ang gagamitin ng BPL ay digital signals... magkaiba ng signal propagation methods ang BPL.

    Also, ang means of operation ay parang cable internet, na kung saan mag hahati-hati ng bandwidth ang mga residents sa isang area... hindi siya dedicated na tulad ng dsl... pero mas mabilis at a lower price... So kung 2mbps ang offer niya tas 10 househould ang kasama sa isang connection, hati yung sampung bahay sa 2mbps...

    I'm interested about this because it was part of my research some time ago...

    Sana maging successful, because when implemented... costs would be much cheaper and more Filipinos can enjoy high bandwidth connection.
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    Re: Regarding BPL at answers to a few of your questions :D

    Like you have explained, para din yang telephone lines. If nag apply ka ng telephone, it doesnt mean that may dsl agad. So having BPL available in your area doesnt mean that tataas ang singil sa electric bill. There might be packages with internet or cable. So according to you para yang cable internet which depende ang speed mo sa dami ng users at the same time so do you think that the speed will be capped at just 2mbps or double, triple or even more since high speed and electrical wires?

    Will this new technology cause issues na mafoforce ung ibang companies like PLDT because mahahatak ng BPL-enabled electric company ang services nila if ever naging nationwide na ang new tech na to? I think its a yes... Mafoforce na nyan cla iababa ang rates specially sa dsl nila.

  10. RE: Max Speed

    Theoretically, ang maximum speed na kayang gamitin through power lines is either 84mbps OR 200 mbps, but this is used for home-networking or indoor BPL. Since sa pinas tayo, siguro magstart yan sa 84 mbps muna.

    It really depends on the guys that will implement it. pero sa europe, ang outdoor BPL nila is around 10mbps per access point, tas each accesspoint may 10 houses... so roughly nasa 1mbps per house ang speed... for a price much cheaper than DSL.

    Ang big selling point nito sa operators is that enabled na yung infrastructure... meaning di na sila kailangan mag re-wire ng houses or mag-add ng additional wires.. kasi powerlines na nga gagamitin... kaya mas mababa ang cost of implementation. Plus it can reach places na walang phonelines (sort of the wifi thing ng smart but only more reliable).

  11. So what type of modem is used for this type of technology??? Is there anyone here from Bataan who have tried it??? I hope they develop this technology, fast and be made available for the whole country.

  12. So what type of modem is used for this type of technology??? Is there anyone here from Bataan who have tried it??? I hope they develop this technology, fast and be made available for the whole country.
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    they have a special modem use for this kind of service that is plug in a power outlet and into the P.C.,,,i think it is still not yet available in bataan..but i know some of the donated pc in public schools are using the service
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  15. Meron na ba nakapag try dito sa forum na gamitin yan BPL sa Bataan???
  16. Jowest

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    ako na try ku na sya Yahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 8) kaka try ku lang nung pumunta kung bataan :p
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    did they push thru with the type of internet connection? kasi nakita ko yang ad sa Philippine Star last year ata ..
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    there is talk in the US that BPL causes interference in the short wave HAM radio frequencies. It will be a big issue if this will happen in the philippines since most disaster relief operations and rural/baranggay communications as well as civic orgs use ham radios. also taxis, police, firemen, and rescue all use this band. Sa US big issue yan... dito sa pinas we cant just embrace technology like we always do... pano effect nyan sa availability of shortwave communication???? dpat may failsafe, or a way to avoid it.

    if this should work, the interference should be minimized. otherwise madaming maapektuhan.
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    peaceful naman sa province namin eh
    ok lang siguro kung may interference sa radio kasi malimit ang sunog kaya di gagamit ng bumbero radyo nila, police di rin masyado nagraradyo kasi kadalasan na sa ilalim ng puno at nagtotongits eh

    pero pag yan nagka interference sa frequency ng cellphone malaki problema yan! kasi kadalasaan ng mga tao doon lagi busy sa text
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    ewan ko lang bakit dito sa pinas e hindi maingay mga ham radio users. maybe hindi pa rin nila alam un. pero sa US big issue na 'to. Think of it like everywhere na may power line, parang jammed signal ng radio.

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