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Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by bensy, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. I have recently switch ISP to Digitel DSL. I noticed the very slow downloads on bittorrents. I researched and found out about some ISP's practice of throttling or limiting the download speed of certain applications like the bittorrent. I tested it online and found a maximum speed of 1Kbps !!!

    although I read a lot about this in this forum, I can't find a solution or remedy. Is there a remedy to this, aside from complaining to Digitel??
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    Based on info from Digitel users here, talagang wala kang magagawa sa pag-throttle nila ng torrents. Even complaining wouldn't help, I suppose.

    Maybe you can try using Xunlei Thunder or similar to encrypt your torrent taffic, pero hindi pa rin guaranteed na gaganda/bibilis yung performance.

    Some users also report that connections become faster during off-peak times (madaling araw?)...
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    kung residential yang koneksyon mo, wala ka nang magagawa. talagang mabagal yan. sa gabi ka na lang magdownload kasi mabilis sa gabi. kahit na magcomplain ka, wala silang gagawin kasi under bandwidth management sila sa araw.

  4. well I'm thinking, ang isa kasi nating magagawa bilang subscribers o consumers ay ipaputol ang subscription based sa unsatisfactory performance ng system nila.... Bago ako nagpakabit, I emphasized na marami akong downloads and ayoko nung marming restrictions like upto 6GB lang per month. wala naman daw, hanggang kaya daw ng harddisk. yun pala hindi nila iseserrve yung 1Mbps kung bittorrent. Imagine 1Kbps lang!
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    try mo muna ang xunlei

  6. Thanks, I tried Xunlei Thunder and its working excellent. I downloaded and a language pack in english. However, I noticed that not all in menu items are in english. I am using the correct english version or is there a better english version?
    Anyway, it is working ok. But, actually I have a media player ACRyan PlayonHD which is capable of bittorrent download without a PC. And this is were I want to do the downloading, thus saving me the necessity of turning the PC the whole night.....
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    Talagang ganiyan siya, since Chinese na app iyan... Heheh. Even the LP is not in "real" English, as you noticed...

    Maybe you can find a way to enable "connection encryption" on your ACRyan appliance? It may have the same effect as Xunlei on the PC...

  8. well, from the ACRyan forum someone recommended to install optware and transmission.... hoping to learn that soon.
    I also learned that for PC, Bitcomet can also enrypt bittorrent downloads

  9. Glasnost test I used showed that they are rate limiting or Throttling bandwidth connection. Pinababagal po nila ng sadya. Pag ay mabilis, pero kapag ginamit mo na ay mabagal na.

    try your connections ... t-mlab.php

    pinadalhan ko nang copy nung test results ang digitel and I asked them to stop throttling and fix the problem or I will have to terminate the subscription. its useless na magsubscribe at magbayad tayo ng 1Mbps pero 1Kbps lang ang maximum sa bittorrent. Even some online games (e.g. Zynga poker) are not running.

    I am still waiting for their action.
    pero I encourage everybody to do the test and send a copy to them and maybe a copy to the NTC
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    bcoz there are undergoing a so called "bandwidth management"

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