Bayantel begins selling VoIP to residential customers

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by XMA388, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. duhwho

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    [schild=9 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]come to think of it, is he a briton or a wannabee...or wannavee?[/schild]
  2. duhwho

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    this is australian base survey... :)
  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    from skyinternet voip websites

  4. raldz

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    ano ka ba?? bakit 256 lang? eh paano na makakakapagdownload ng porn si alray10??
  5. duhwho

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    opps, forgot... sorrry... dapat pala gamitin kong site yung mga AOL UK, BT UK, Eclipse or Orange.

  6. alray10

    alray10 Member

    from skyinternet voip websites

    Funny they should say the requirements are the same as they give to most of the DSL subscribers they have.
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    funnny.... di ko na gets....hehehehehe
  8. alray10

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    Now it was you brought these companies up not me make a note of that dunwho as I know you have a short memory.

    But as you did lets look at what they provide and how BT and the others got there.

    The best way to show you what they offer is for you to look at their web site ... ker=103040 now comare to this For 8 MBS plus free VOIP Free phone calls and lots more and covers 90% of the UK . All for £9.99 a month in peso it works out to 969 peso a month what do you get for that price well a bit more and you get 384Kbs. I do see they know advertise 5Mbs but its 5000 peso a month and when you click it you get, Available in the following areas: Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park, Essensa and Dasmarinas Village But its not its coming soon.

    So why do BT offer it so cheap and so fast for such a low price and remember this £9.99 is like a Filippino paying just 99 peso a month you think of that 8 MBS free VOIP all for 99 peso a month.

    Why because Consumers forced them to by using the law and by putting pressure on goverment and competition they want to stay top so they offer the best.

    10 years back they had a monopily they were the same as PLDT said they could not afford to invest funny how when cable tv companies offered faster and better internet BT rolled out a better service than the cable companies with in a month.
    Every year they told us because they invested so much profits would be down but instead every year they go up.

    don't listen to companies that say they can't afford it if some one started to roll out 8Mbs for 900 peso a month to most of the Philippines not just Manila how long do you think it would take PLDT to match it years or a few months I bet it would be the later
  9. raldz

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    ang susunod na mag popost after nitong post ko BAKLA!!! hehehe..
  10. alray10

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    How old are you I stopped saying things like that when I was 10 years old.

    If you can't talk sense or if you can only argue like a school girl leave it for the play ground.

    Does your mummy know your hanging round internet cafes
  11. alray10

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    Yet again you show you know nothing about this world apart from the Philippines.
    There is no such thing as a Briton if it was a typo and you mean Britan no I am not one of them ever as they all got killed about 900 years ago.
  12. duhwho

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    well i guess you dont know about slangish heheheheh oh well dumwit always a dumbwit...

    and oh try this meriam webster site:


    right on there... bulleyes!!

  13. duhwho

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  14. Neo

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    he.he.he.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ala na... mukhang kelangan na ng moderator dito. spam na ang dating. ala na sa topic... :wink:

    its me,

  15. tagabukid

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    wahehehehe..... ang sarap pa naman sanang magpost pagkatapos ni raldz. kaso alam ko na gusto lang nyang pigilan ang pagliliyab ng apoy.

    pano kuya raldz? d rin umobra. nag-ala nostradamus ka lang. waheheheh....

    hindi yan briton o britan c alray! HAPON yan! NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER!!!!
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    o nga. if there are moderators in these forums, threads can be rid of useless or misleading informations; members desciplined. this will ultimately result to good order di ba and yung mga away (murahan) mapi-prevent.
  17. raldz

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    at least inamin nya na bakla siya.. kaya natatawa ako.. hehehe.. di niya kayang controlin sarili niya.. di niya kayang pigilan ang emosyon niya.. kaya yung mga ganung klaseng tao, non-sense kausap.. hehehe
  18. duhwho

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    oh well, case close hehehehehe

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