Bayantel begins selling VoIP to residential customers

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by XMA388, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. 88icafe

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    Kaya pala , Kc mahilig cya magpapansin ska gsto nya lgai may ka debate.
  2. tagabukid

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    i doubt that u could have a worthwhile conversation at 13kbps. maybe in a lab but not in actual working situations. regular phones use 52kbps (if i remember correctly. osy na kasi ako ngaun :lol:) to achieve full duplex operation.

    given better codecs and peoples tolerance to occasional skips in sound, cguro pwede na ang 30kbps+-

    but i think overkill ang 1Mbps lalo na ang 2Mbps. If u consider that a net cafe with 512kbps connection can accomodate a few people using ym voice chat(which is essentially voip), then its easy enough to deduce that bandwidth requirements are much lower than that.

    im guessing ud need around 100kbps to have a crisp signal. given that ur bw doesnt go below 50kbps at any point in time.
  3. duhwho

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    [schild=17 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]need i say more...hehehehehe [/schild]
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    :shock: ????? lag yata ang mata ko kanina. last na response na nakita ko is july 5. hmmmmmm.....

    malay nyo. baka pang 3g style na ang voip phone ni alray. may 2Megapixel camera and lcd screen para maka video call. kaya cguro 1mbps ang kailangan ng phone nya. wahehehhee....
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    high tech kasi ang phone ni alray10. habang nag-uusap kayo ng kausap nyo, nagda-download ng pronz videos yun - kaya dapat mabilis dahil pag natapos ang conversation , mapuputol din ang download :smile:
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    Hoy mga pungok mga kulang sa pinag aralan kulang sa talino..!! 1.5Mbs ginagamit ko ito noon pa kaya i require fast internet dahil sa ngayon ganyan ang design para sa internet at para sa VOIP not snails speed.

    pasensiya na pero fluent ako sa tagalog at bikol. Plus Chinese, Thai, Swahili and German.

    Kenya has faster and more wide spread internet than the Philippines also Nigeria has faster to lag behind countries like that really shows how bad it is.

  7. yabang naman tsk* tsk*
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    kaya pala. d pala connection speed ang sinasabi nya. size cguro to ng driver ng phone nya. wahehehehe....

    ako flowent sa baha. flow lang ng flow. wahehheeheh...

    ang mainit ang ulo magpaulan muna. :lol:
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    Let me explain what a good phone connection sounds like OK a good call sounds like you are stood side by side in the same room that is how clear it is when you dial you never get sorry all lines are busy.

    You may well get a call that sounds as good as PLDT local call but a PLDT line is not good it don't sound like your stood side by side.
    This is the quality of call you should expect from VOIP even if your phoning the otherside of the world and you should get this quality even with a soft phone without buying expencive equipment.
  10. alray10

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    This company can provide the quality I am talking about above with no cost to the providers in your country plus fast internet at no out lay to your Goverment or to PLDT ... rtners.xml
    Note the part that says "all without incurring additional capital expenses"
    Why do they not contact them.
    They can no longer say that they can't afford the technoligy to give you faster.
    Fast internet and true quality VOIP is at the door it only takes your providers to let them in.
  11. raldz

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    Eh di doon ka na lang sa Kenya at Nigeria, ogag ka pala eh, alam mo mas maganda doon, eh di doon ka pumunta..
  12. duhwho

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    wow he knows all of you well... as well enough to judge you... very judgemental.... quite not impressive and not worthy to talk with...
  13. duhwho

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    what really makes VoIP more quality is on network setup... Globe now invested millions of dollar in MPLS network to provide quality packet traffic shapping for application sensitive like VoIP and TV over IP...

    second is the codec, most VoIP manufacturer like Skype, Polycom, Avaya etc invested in researching for best Codec ..

    and please study first network fundamental specially the algorith in network transmission such as TDM, CDM, CSM and other channeling protocol, packet framing, Manchester Encoding, and differentiate classical IP/ATM over IP-MPLS on the basis of again on network fundamentals in transmission such as the delays, packet headers, and etc etc before telling people here as dumbwit... and also the algorith and logic behind OSI- Datagram/UDP and Network Connection and Session/IP/TCP. and the basic principles of analog transmission and digital transmission.

    which lead to one question, do a single-residential type consumer would require a 1.5mbps or a simple 256kbps will do?

    and furthermore, do the requirement of a single-residential type consumer is the same as the requirement for business-multi type consumer who heavenly depended on calls...

    and please as you say your a most intelligent guy here, would you care to site a whitepaper or even an IEEE standard in VoIP transmission requirement?
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    [schild=6 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]I'm ignoring imbeciles from now on. [/schild]
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    [schild=random fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]KAYA PALA GANYAN ANG UGALI MO alray10 EH IBAT-IBANG UGALI ANG NSA UTAK MO IBAT-IBANG LAHI... DAPT HINDI K N NAGARAL NG TAGALOG NAGMALAKI K PNG FLUENT K .... [/schild]
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    [schild=4 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]MABUHAY ANG MGA PINOY !!! alray10 Matanda k n wag k n mkulit... Smiley tyo[/schild]
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    [schild=19 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]Kaya yoko maki sawsaw dahil maigsi lang pisi ko sa taong hirap kausap! Hehe[/schild]
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    [schild=13 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]Wanted: Moderators[/schild]
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    yung fiber optic thingy ng PLDT 5mbps, maghanap nalang si alray10 ng bahay sa alabang (o kung saan available yung F2H plan).

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