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  1. I know Digitel has many complains from the costumers. They are always saying that they are regretting for having this kind of connection. Also because of your bad service,slow response, and the 2yrs contract policy. I'm not saying that your ISP is bad at all.
    It's true. My internet browsing is currently fast depending on my IP Address(180.193.*.*).We all know that "Digitel ISP" is providing a Dynamic IP Address(So you can change your IP Address anytime you reset your modem). Unlike in the other ISPs like PLDT and GLOBE, they have STATIC IP so you can only have ONE IP. But all the IPs and PLDT and GLOBE are fast. Unlike here in DIGITEL. Here I will explain why. If my IP address is "180.193.[0-12].[Any number]", my internet loading is fast. But if my IP address is "180.193.[13 or above].[Any number]", the internet browsing is very very slow at all! Even only searching at or It will take you 2-3 minutes before you can load the page. Even you have the Plan 1,500(I'm using the Plan 1,500). You are only browsing a small site like "" and it will take you 2-3 minutes to load? All I have said here is ALL Based on my experience. My conclusion is: In the digitel IP "180.193.[0-12].[Any number]", Only the IPs [1-12] is the fast, and currently good server. And the IPs 13 and above is bad server and currently unstable. So when I started to open up my PC, I always "Disconnect and Connect" in the ADSL ROUTER CONSOLE) for me to choose the best IP. I'm only saying this for you to know about it. So NOT ALL THE DIGITEL SUBSCRIBERS are having a good connection. If they don't know about the IPs and reseting of IPs, and got the 13 and above IP, they're surely experiencing very low connection(Just how I experienced before when I don't know about the good IPs yet). My only complain is, it's true, my Facebook browsing,etc is fast. But when it becomes to downloading and watching buffering movies on video sites like Youtube or anime sites, It will take me 30mins for me to watch A video(means only 1 video!). My Plan is 1,500. And we're paying 1,500 per month to have a connection like this? And when I'm downloading, I only receiving 20-30kbps/sec download speed? Out of my 766 kbps Upstream Speed and 1543 kbps Downstream Speed? Based on my observation, whether your plan is only Plan 888 or 999 or 1500, the download speed, and the buffering of videos, totally THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! :)) So I think, we are only wasting our money :) Can I have your reaction on this? Anyone can comment! :) Thanks! :)
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    ^ nothings new. search <--- for more info.

    bftw, welcome to pinoydsl forum sir.

  3. Info about what ? No difference. I tried all kinds of pampabilis na tinatawag nila. To maximize your bandwidth and TCP/IP Optimizer. Wala pa dn! Nireformat ko na ung PC ko at lahat. Ganun pa dn!

    It's true. DIGITEL has the WORST IP above all! :))
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    kaya nga nila tinawag na DIGIHELL ang Digitel :), kung may ibang ISP sa inyo lipat ka na lang sir.

  5. There's no way. Sabi nga nila. Sa huli lagi ang pagsisisi :))
    As I have said, mauutak ang mga taga DIGITEL. Kung sa PLDT meron lang 1yr contract, sa DIGITEL merong 2yrs contract! Kaya walang kawala :))
    Ang kapal talaga ng mukha. Para lng tlga kumita oh. Tsk tsk.

  6. sa digitel matututo kang mag troubleshoot ng internet connection, malalaman mo kung papano mag ping at mag tracert, hahaha, magiging routine mo na ang pag on & off ng modem. ^_^
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    nakakatuwa dahil, pati ang lola ko ay tinuturuan mag ping na mga taga Digitel. ayus! :wink:

  8. without giving away specific info, saan po ba ang "GENERAL LOCATION" nyo sir? Dito sa baguio, were getting IPs from 180.193.[192 & up].XXX.

    Natry ko na magpalit palit ng IP pero generally, pareparehong mabagal. Mabilis lang yan kung sa madaling araw mo gagamitin. Mukhang digihell-wide talaga yang problema na yan.

  9. ^
    Sa Cavite ako sir! :D
    Cguro depende talaga sa location :)
    Iba ata ang ping na nakukuha kapag malayo sa Manila.

    Sa case mo sir, malayo talaga ang baguio.
    At 192 & up na nakukuha mo.
    Wala na talagang pag asa XD
    As I have said in my post. 13 pa nga lng sa IP, mabagal na!
    Pano pa kaya ung sayo which is 192? :)

    Try mo mag request sa technician ng IP ? XD


    Please always bear in your minds.
    It's Proven that the Digitel ISP HAS THE WORST IP in the Philippine History :))
    Compare to PLDT,Globe,etc.
    It's true! :D
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    Ito sasabihin ko sau ah.
    noong 2009, open contract ako ng Digitel. Bale, natapos na yung contract ko with 2001 up to 2009. and then dahil sa walang ibang ISP d2 samin noon. Nag offer sila ng new nilang Plan which is 1.5mbps and monthly is 1,500pesos that was january 2009, itong October 2010 nagtataka ako kung bkt bigla bumagsak itong net ko, mabagal iisa lang yung nag su-surf sa facebook ang taas na yung latency, so nagtataka ako then try ko check yung kung tama yung bandwidth na bgy nila. Nagulat ako dagil yung 1.5mbps naging 768kbps. Pumunta ako office nila para reklamo yun, pero ang sabi nila nag upgrade daw sila ng system. Takenote ha yung 1.5mbps that was Business Plan noong 2009 so 2years yung loc-in period ko eh itong October 2010 naging 768kbps, reklamo ko sa Office nila sabi nila yung 1.5mbps daw eh Residence Plan na daw eh panong naging 768kbps eh 1.5mbps yung bandwidth ko and monthly is 1,500pesos okay lang sana kung yung 768kbps eh 777pesos or 888pesos or 1,000pesos lang monthly ko pero hindi eh 1,500pesos parin and 768kbps hindi 1.5mbps ang bandwidth.
    Nilagay ako sa Resisdence Plan na di ko alam eh yung Contract ko eh Business Plan na di pa natatapos ang contract.
    Dahil sa net cafe, pinipilit akong mag upgrade ng 2.5mbps dahil daw yun ang Business Plan nila ngaun, ayaw ko na sana kaso unfair yung billing nila. if di ko kakagatin yung offer nila. isipin nyo kung ipagpatuloy ko yung 1.5mbps na ang nakukuha ko lang ay 768kbps monthly bill ay 1,500 di ba unfair yun?
    So napilitan akong mag upgrade sa 2.5mbps monthly is 2,200pesos ang pangakong PRIORITY nila ang Business Plan. Patapos na sana yung contract ko and OPEN contract nalang sana ngaun panibagong contract na nmn in 2years.
    Pero mas masahol pa ngaun ang SIRA ng DSL ng Digitel ang daming Request Time Out (RTO).

    May pumunta d2 sa shop ko na technician nila, at check nila yung line ko lahat pati sa NOC or ARNOC the call it. Okay nmn daw sa kanila pero bkt RTO pa rin d2 sa amin.

    Ang masakit pa jan na sabi ng Technician ng Digitel.
    "Sir, wala na kaming magagawa jan okay nmn lahat pero bkt RTO pa rin."
    Wahahaha na-bw!sit ako sa sinabi nya, parang nagkamot pa yung Technician?
    Ngaun pumunta ulit ako sa Office nila na sinabi ko, hanggang February 15, 2011 kapag di nyo pa naayus pa Disconnect ko na. So di sila nakasalita. Akalain nyo nag-Give UP yung Technician nila wahahahaah.

    For almost 10years kami ng Digitel ngaun ko lang narinig yung Technician na ganon. Dahil ayokong unti-unti na malugi dahil sa Digitel, di ako nagdalawang ISIP na nagpakabit ng ibang ISP, which is ang mabango ngaun d2 sa amin ay ang Globe Wired.

    I check nmn sa forum ng Globe okay nmn sya, kompara sa mga complaints ng Digitel, mas grabe ang Digitel kaysa Globe.

    So lumipat me ng ISP which is Globe right now....

  11. ^
    So which one is better ISP?
    PLDT or GLOBE?
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    Kahit ano na jan sa inyo mapa Globe or PLDT wag lang Digitel, kc World Wide na ang KASIRAAN ng Digitel. Pati nga SunTel ko, putol-putol ang usapan, every 1minute, redial ng redial.

    Magkakaparehas ang service mapa aDSL Digitel, SunTel at SunCellular (1month di ka mag load deactivate na yang SIM mo.)

  13. gggrrr...

    pwede po ba magtanong? bakit ganun yung internet connection namin dito. DIGITEL din.. sa unang bukas mo ng pc ok pa ung connection tapos after mga 5minutes or 10 minutes mawawala na bigla. nakakainis kasi eh. ilang weeks na to.. tawag kami ng tawag hindi parin nila inaayos. ano ba magandang gawin dito? salamat po.
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    globe business versus pldt residential - panalo ang pldt residential. that is of course with my own experience. wag na digitel. sasakit lang ulo nyo.

  15. Sharing the same problem with the topic owner, but never able to repair.

    I got digitel installed with a very slow connection (they took me 1 month going back and forth forcing them to working on the internet installation like a beggar)

    after they install, speed was ok at first, and then after 1 or 2 months, things get worse. Internet now slower than Wireless internet. My plan is 1.5mbps (1500peso).

    1. They make the connection slow start at 7 or 8 AM until 10 PM (14 hours).
    2. At that time, the speed is very *stable*, at 30KB/s
    3. Put on URL, go downstair, go to drink some water, pee, upstair. And the page still loading.
    4. After 3 months experience this problem repetitively, I've start calling to their customer service with rage. and they sorry for me, lol, they must be sorry for themself. Telling that there are other who also has this kind of problem submitted to Digitel, and they are "repairing" it.

    yes, for the past 3 months i thought that they are repairing it and i didn't even call because I am BUSY.

    Imagine you got 30 KB/s on your 150KB/s line?!?! 1/5?? For 14 hours a day???

    Lol. I can use my Unlisurf 3G Tether from GLOBE and still faster than that.

    (Im not filipino so please reply using english if posible, thank you guys)

  16. May nagpa disconnect naba sainyo habang nasa 2 yr contract time pa? ganyan din kasi mga problema ko sa Digitel. kung hindi ko pa sisindakin at pagmumumurahin mga technicians nila hindi sila pupunta dito sa bahay para ayusin. 1.5 mbps ang plan ko na binabayaran ko ng 1500pesos per month tapos nakukuha ko lang .30-.40mbps may time pa .19 . tapos nung inayos umakyat naging .60 pero isang araw lang un! bumalik ulit pagka alis niya. ayoko na makipaglokohan sa digitel,sabi ko ipapacut ko na. pero sabi magbabayad daw ako ng 1500 ulit kung ipapadisconnect. hayop talaga niloko na nga ako ako pa magbabayad? pano po ba ginawa niyo?
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    well i'am a new subscriber of Digitel DSL, and still observing their service, i'm on 2 mbps plan but only getting 1.7 mbps on speedtest.... but more important to me is the service is always up that's the problem on Globe on my area, always down kase ang Globe dito (mabalacat, Pampanga). well lets just see kung nag improve na ang service ng Digitel dito samin...
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    my speed test : 2 Mbps Plan

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    nice! maganda ang connection mo dyan. 2Mmbps nga iyan.

  20. mbilis p nga yasng sayo eh... ako 1.35 lng khit 2mbps din plan koh

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