about the globe 3mbps and PLDT dsl 3mbps

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  1. hello guys..xD...ive got a globe 3mbps plan...i usually get a download speed of 2.5-2.7mbps only (300-340 kilobytes/s using internet download manager) im not getting the actual 3mbps which is supposed to be 375kilobyes per second..is it true that in PLDT, you are getting the actual speed which is 3mbps or higher?
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    you can't generalize. With internet in the philippines, one area may be slow, one area may be fast
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    personally, I have PLDT plan 999. Sometimes meron congestion but if wala, I can get more than what I paid for. 1.3 mbps instead of 1 mbps
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    i think depende rin sa server na download mo.... im globe dsl at i can get the speed i paid for but sometimes may congestions talaga kaya pag ganoon di muna ako mag download

  5. actually po the farther you are from the Central office of your ISP the slower it gets... it depends din po tlaga.... Remote terminals placed in barangays shows that your far from the C.O. sila po ung mga white big boxes ng PLDT or other ISP... pero po hindi mo pinapabilis ng Remote terminal ung bandwidth its just like an extension... so if you would like po hanap po kayo ng ISP na malapit sa inyo... pero po para sakin pinaka stable na ang PLDT pramis hehe

  6. i have 1mbps globe connection gumagamit din ako ng internet download manager umaabot ang download speed ko ng 90-100 kbps kung siniswerte pa umaabot ng 100-150 kbps, sa pldt ko 3mbps 200-300 kbps minsan umaabot ng 400, ang problema ko sa pldt when im usaing internet download manager games ko naglalag mataas ang ping, delay.. marikina area.
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    ang bagal naman. remember, dial up speed = 56kbps

  8. yeah i think it is slow.

  9. Im planning to get pldy mydsl 3mbps. Im in the north caloocan area. How do I know kung malapit yung location ko sa CO?

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