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    Is it possible to decode other programs from other countries like in the US or Canda if I am using dream satellite? I think I need to change something in the decoder.. like the chip? Anyone has a better understanding about this?

  2. Yes to your first question. I'm posting here an article which will make you better undestand the working of a sat decoders.


    What kind of equipment can we distinguish

    The installation:
    What do you need in order to receive satellite images on your TV:
    1. A satellite dish which captures the satellite signals.
    2. A LNB(also sometimes called converter) which converts the satellite signals into TV signals.
    3. A receiver which functions as a tuner for the satellites TV signals.

    Then there are a few options which can increase the possibilities:
    4. A CI / CAM to decode coded signals.
    5. A smart card which enables you to view certain coded channels.

    A little bit of theory:
    1. The dish:
    Choose your dish carefully. The size of the dish should be optimized for the satellite(s) you wish to receive signals from. Don't choose it too small, but don't choose it too large either. In both cases the TV image will suffer. With a too small dish, you don't get enough signal, with a too big one you get too much. And too much isn't good for the quality of your TV image either.

    2. The LNB:
    A LNB (converter) captures the signals which are projected by the dish and sends the signals to your receiver. There are many different types of LNB's available. If you just want to comfortably watch satellite programs, choose a universal LNB. They are suited for the reception of most frequencies used by the majority of the popular providers on Astra and Hotbird.

    3. The receiver:
    The simplest type of receiver is the pure FTA receiver. FTA stands for Free To Air. Do you have such a pure FTA receiver, then all you can do is hope that there will be free satellite providers for a long time to come. Especially Germany has many free satellite providers to offer. For the most part however, the satellite providers code their signals.
    If you want to be able to view those coded channels, you will need a decoder. Such a decoder is called Conditional Access Module (CAM), also sometimes called Common Interface (CI).

    4. The CI/CAM:
    The terms CI and CAM are often used interchangeably as if they would mean exactly the same. That is not really the case though. To be very precise: A CAM is a PCMCIA module - as they are found in laptops too - especially adapted to work in satellite receivers. A CI is the slot in the receiver into which the CAM can be put. However, CAM's are not always inserted in a receiver via the use of a CI. Sometimes a CAM is built fixed into the receiver. If that's the case, the CAM is called embedded CAM.
    A CAM is needed whenever a coded signal is to be decoded. Some examples of coding systems used in satellite TV: Alphacrypt, Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Nagravision, Seca, and Viaccess. There is a dedicated CAM version for every one of the mentioned coding systems.

    5. The smart card:
    Decoding the basic coding system alone however doesn't always open the channels for you. You will need the correct key. If you don't have the correct key, you are offered a nice black screen with an error message telling you that the channel is scrambled. That's exactly what happens. The provider uses a basic coding system which is universal to all providers who use that system. On top of that every provider uses his own private scrambling system.
    That's where the smart cards come in. The smart card contains the key(s) that is needed to unscramble the signal.

    How does it work (in a nutshell):
    Signals transmitted without any coding, can be received by every (suitable) receiver and turned into a proper TV signal.

    Coded signals that are not scrambled, can be viewed if you have a receiver capable of decoding that code system. So if a provider broadcasts in Seca for example and they decide to offer a unscrambled preview, you can watch that broadcast if you have a receiver capable of decoding Seca. However, if you have a Irdeto receiver, you will not see a proper image on your TV screen.

    If a signal is broadcasted in Seca coding and with a specific provider scrambling on top of that, you will need not only a proper Seca receiver, but you will need a valid smart card too in order to display a proper TV image
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    Great explanation. Thanks. Now I have additional questions.

    Do you know of a specific brand /model here in the Philippines that is ideal to use so that I can do the things I want? And course, I want to know how much it will cost me too. :)

    What about the positioning of the dish? Is there a specific position or coordinate?

  4. 72, sorry to keep you waiting. Re your query. pls go to the link on top of this thread and go to the topic "can I get atlantic bird and hotbird in the philippines". I think, all that you want to know about satellite decoders and reception in the philippines are well discussed on that forum.
    I recommend check out the shops in Raon, Quiapo where most likely you'll find a shop selling and installing satt decoders.
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    Great! Thanks. :D
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    they can also load your legal dream box into unlimited. i have mine modified, now no more monthly. all channels open including PPV. inquire na lang.
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    The link above is not working. Guys am so desperate!! I really wanted to have my own sat dish at home and looking on the possibility that I could get channels coming from the U.S., is that possible?
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    what do you mean above link is not working? since you are in the philippines, available satellite you can shoot is only within asian atmosphere. You can check out www.lyngsat.com for more details.
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    Bumubuhay ng lumang thread!!! Hehehe.

    Matagal na po nag-post ang huling member dito. Lagpas isang taon na. Kahit mag-reply ka sa post niya, hindi na niya mapapakinabangan.

    But thanks a lot for your information. At least may idea ang ibang members dito na interested din about satellite TV.
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    looking forward for newer post... interesado rin ako dito!

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    Baka pwede niyo naman dito i-post yung complete details dyan. Mukhang interested din ako. Nakakainis kasi. Skycable prepaid kami. Exactly last year kami nagpakabit. For some reason, napansin namin na lagpas na ang 1 month nung prepaid card, meron pa rin kaming skycable. Inabot ng 1 year yung card na yun ng hindi nawawala yung signal. Tapos last week, napansin na lang namin na wala na kaming sky. Ayun, nag-expire na pala.

    Baka pwede naman pong i-post dito yung complete detail about that satellite cable. Magkano ba siya pakabit? May monthly bill ba? And some other info. Kung tempting siya, isa ako sa mga magpapakabit niyan.

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    Ang alam ko dba nagpapalit-palit ng code ang satellite connection from time to time para ma-lock yung feed for those legitimate users only?
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    yun din sabi sakin nung kapitbahay kong nagpakabit ng satellite cable..
    ang guaranty ng shop... 6mo. pero dipende daw yon... 12mo. daw ang normal.. pag naging static na ung channels.. papa upgrade mo sa pinaagbilan mo ung smart card.. 200 sa raon.. dunno where..
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    oist di pwede illegal dito hehehehe

    sa dream kumukuha ng signal from AGILA2 yan ha

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    @master d...

    Akala ko sa korean sat sila kumukuha, I heard di sila nakabayad...inubus ni gretchen...
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    anung sa koran sat kumukuha sino?

    yung sa gretchen issue hehehe di ko alam.. pero impossibleng maubos pera nila dun

    medyo mahal lang kasi kaya konti lang mga subcriber na legit.. di kaya mag bayad hehehehe

    dapat kasi mura yung gamit hehehehe

    pero I will still go for legit.. mahirap na kasi.. mahal ang bili mo tapos wala kang guaruntee dahil di naman legit pag kuha ng sat receptions hehehe

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