A Call for Proper provisioning of bandwidth for Digitel DSL

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by BRAS, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Good day to all...

    Dear digitel, i have observed that the provisioning scheme you are using on bandwidth shaping on your DSLAM port(s) does not include the 13% ATM/PPPoE header payload, with this in effect, the subscriber does not achieve his/her full bandwidth subscription, while you the provider (ISP) receives full payment from the subscriber which is unfair...


    DSLAM port ADSL rate
    UP = 256kbps
    DOWN = 512kbps

    ACTUAL bandwidth received by the subscriber
    UP = 128+ kbps
    DOWN = 384+ kbps

    here is an explanation for this phenomenon

    Other ISP's like bayantel and PLDT have already addressed this problem, sad to say you digitel and globelines have not yet made any actions... I hope you digitel is open to new ideas and improvements...

    PS. Pls don't post any comment that this is a technical limitation, because its not...
    thank you!
  2. nabuto

    nabuto Member

    while the maximum bandwidth cannot be reached, they inform the customer prior to sign-up or for upgrade that the subscriber could not reach the full bandwidth that it is specified for its plans.

    here in our place, that procedure is being done. (or at least, that was done with our case.) which is a good practice on their part.
  3. motion55

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    I have a Globe DSL plan 995 1mbps data only subscription. Before Ondoy, the downstream data rate setting on the DSLAM was indeed only 1024kbps resulting in about 800kbps maximum speed. I complained about it but the customer service replied that achieving only 80% of the subscribed is "normal". Even if I knew this was wrong, I did not want to raise the issue at that time.

    After Ondoy when they replaced the cabinet, the DSLAM slot I got was changed to 3mbps downstream rate. With that change I am able to achieve full 1mbps maximum download speeds. Even after upgrading to 2mbps, the full 2mbps downloads speeds is still achieved.

    On Globe speed throttling is tied to the PPPoE account. There is no need to limit the down stream data rate on the DSLAM. I think the 1mbps was a legacy setting on the cabinet.

    At Digitel, speed control is down at the DLAM level. However, medyo madaya nga when their 1mbps plan is throttled to exactly 1024kbps. Protocol overhead is not taken into account.

    There is talk of the AAA system where the subscriber is assigned a unique PPPoE log-in username/password set. This will be used to determine the assigned speed. If they raise the DSLAM downstream rate then this scheme may resolve the issue.

  4. no need to provide unique PPPoE accounts, they just need to take into account the Protocol overhead/payload...

    a very simple solution to a very simple problem :D
  5. josekym

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    OT: Same with Globe. Their 3.0Mbps plans are crippled by systems (i.e. modems and DSLAMS) which are probably only set to maximum data rates of *exactly* 3072Kbps. This translates to ~2.6Mbps performance (considering overhead) which is what subscribers are actually seeing.

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