512kbps -> 1.5mbps improvement?

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by david, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. david

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    I've had the P999 512/192 "Family" plan for a few years. Early in the morning I can usually get 440/140, but during the day it sometimes slows to as low as 70/140 (upload seems to be unaffected). Presumably this is due to the bandwidth management. Even with 70kbps download, I often can't even keep a 16kbps streaming audio connection going. I don't use p2p apps.

    I went to the Digitel office to try and upgrade to a business plan I heard about here (P2200 2mbps), but they said they don't offer business plans here, and the P1500 1.5mbps "Bida" plan is the best they have. I didn't go for it because I'm skeptical that it will help.

    Is it really true that there are areas that Digitel won't offer business plans in? When I got the 512kbps plan a few years ago, they were offering business plans then but they were much more expensive if I recall.

    If I upgrade to the 1.5mbps plan, do you think it will offer any improvement during the daytime, or will it just be the same? Does the bandwidth management limit the speed to a fixed amount, or by percentage?

    For example, if I'm getting 70kbps during the day with a 512kbps plan, would I get 3x that with a 1.5mbps plan (210kbps)? Or will it still just be 70kbps?

    (This is from another thread, for reference):


  2. opinion lang kung my iba pang available na ISP sa area mo pa disconnect mo nalng ang DIGIHELL dahil ang dami reklamo d2 sa mga tread d2 about digitel basahin mo po ung mga reklamo den pagisipan mo kung mag upgrade ka pa. digitel subsriber din ako pero tinatapos ko nalng ung loc in. my iba na ako ISP na gamit dahil sa sobrang bagal na serbisyo ng digihell
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    yan din ma isusugest ko sayo tulad ng kay batoytoyz. Good luck sa Digihell.

  4. During daytime, mas consistent pa yung connection ko noon sa 512kbps kesa sa 1.5mbps ngayon.

    basahin mo na lang to:

    Customer service manager na mismo kausap ko noon before i upgraded at sabi nga nya, wala na raw yung mga business plans nila.
  5. david

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    I know there's a lot of dissatisfaction with Digitel, but I'm determined to keep the line. I have a second dsl line with a different company as well (it's not perfect, either). It's nice to have two so there's a backup.

    The question is if an upgrade would provide any improvement or not.

    Castell, it looks like you're getting around 200kbps during the day after the upgrade, and only get full speed in the middle of the night. Do you remember what your speed was during the day before you upgraded?

    It's also interesting that your speed is limited from Digitel's own test server (from your screen shot). Normally when I run speed tests on Digitel's test server or another in-country server they have a peering arrangement with (not PLDT), I get full speed. It gets limited when it leaves the country. I wonder if there's some sort of local congestion you're running into (before your data gets to the main office).

  6. If you do most of your internet activities from 3AM to 9AM, it will be a significant improvement. Otherwise, you're better off with the 512kbps that is more consistent for the rest of the day.

    Yes, i do remember. Normally, i got around 250 to 420kbps.

    Yup! I do my speedtests from Digitel's server & i use those for my digitel hotline reports. Speedtests (including speedtest.net) are good only for short burst testing & not for monitoring your overall speed. But since yun ang hinahanap pag nagrereport sa hotline, yun ang binibigay ko at yun na rin gagamitin ko as PROOF/documentation when i'll ask to have the DSL service terminated.

    In addition to Digitel's speedtest, i also use a proggy to monitor my overall speed. That's where i got the 23 minute graphs from. Proggy can monitor your speed for as long as you want. I had the 1.5mbps connection monitored for more than 2 days (continuous download, no uploads, i don't use torrent) and only got 670kbps AVERAGE. That was only 45% of 1.5mbps. Too bad i accidentally closed the monitoring window before i could capture a screenshot.

    On the graphs you saw on the other thread, I was downloading big files from fast international servers (one is Microsoft) using a download manager/accelerator. When i do speedtests, i stop all other downloads. Kung mabilis yung speedtest result sa digitel, maaari mo sigurong sabihin na mabagal yung international servers na nagamit ko. PERO pag pareho ang result sa international server at sa digitel server at consitent na mabagal talaga ang results, isa lang ang ibig sabihin nyan, mabagal yung 1.5mbps connection at confirmed yan mismo ng digitel technician na tumawag sa akin.
  7. david

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    Thanks, Castell. That's good information to have. I plan to keep the line, but I don't think I'll upgrade it now.
  8. Latency

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    its not their server it SPEED THROTTLING aka BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT ...

    on YOUTUBE and other Streaming SITES , P2P and TORRENTS ... not on RAPIDSHARE

    Speed throttling also on the different webpages getting 50% burst speed only then throttled down..
  9. aki_21

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    paki fix naman ung mga kbps and kBps... medyo nagulohan lang ako, dahil you said its 1.5mbps (210kbps) sana medyo ayusin ung pagkakaderive... like 210kBps (bytes) and 210kbps (bits)

    i still got the same problem in PLDT, i think its restricting us to have the desired plan they've propose to us...

    sa mga digitel users namn, mas marami silang complains coz of bandwidth throttling.. minsan super bilis na mapapaluha ka sa saya.. pero pagkatapos mong madl yung file.. mga 4-5hrs kang alang connections... para bang rotation ang pagdeliver ng bandwidth sa mga subscriber...

    Globe medyo stable na sila..

    PLDT.. pa unstable na... hahaahha
  10. Latency

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    my PLDT line is stable getting 5 MB Torrents are on its Maximum Speed No throttling

  11. I'm a PREMIUM rapidshare user. Kung totoo na hindi nakathrottle ang RS then that just proves my point: congested-mabagal na ang servers ng digihell.

    Di yata convincing yung 5MB. :lol:
  12. Latency

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    GANJA has given me the speed cap of 7mb but it goes to 5mb on peak hours well its up to you to believe it or not.
  13. tanga_ako

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    well my youtube is good, download stays at 50-60kBps, browsing is fine and Im only at Plan999. I dont know if sa umpisa lang to kasi kakakabit lang. Im with SmartBro for 4years pero so sad kasi may mga rules na sila di na pwde ang 50ft na pole. Ngayon problem ko is torrent its so slow running @2kBps to 15kBps.... Sa brgy namin the only thing available is Digitel and SmartBro. SO sad this town is nowhere I guess kasi lang PLDT DSL. So sad.
  14. david

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    I finally ended up cancelling the Digitel line a few months back and replacing it with a PLDT line.

    I had upgraded the Digitel line to 1.5mbps, but it didn't really help much during the daytime (it was still really slow during the day). The big problem, though, was I was getting a lot of disconnections, and Digitel wasn't able to fix the line after more than a month.

    I had to pay a termination fee because I had just upgraded. I probably shouldn't have needed to since they weren't able to fix the line, but I didn't want to fight about it.

    The PLDT line is so much better, it's like night and day.

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