Zyxel P-660R-D1 Router Configuration Mode

Discussion in 'Modem Router Config Settings' started by dyoddyowel, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    assuming nasa bridge mode yung modem mo...

    kung pppoe ka, choose mo yung pppoe... then enter username/password... don't forget to remove any pppoe dialer sa winxp...

    kung di mo na need ng username/password to connect, choose mo yung dynamic ip address... then click next... yun na yun, wag mo na galawin yung ibang option dun then restart...

  2. i want it the other way around. i'm using a zyxel p-600, its in routing mode. gusto ko gamitin yung dlink router ko, paano config ng modem para maging bridge (tama bang bridge?) sya?
  3. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    instead of routing, put it in bridge mode...

    or you can just simply reset it and it will be back at default configuration which is in bridge mode...

    remember to take note of your current configuration in case something goes wrong...

  4. i did reset it, but the default setting is in routing mode. naka-route pa rin

  5. @dyoddyowel

    tnx bro sa guide. succesful! router mode na dsl modem namin! ayos na ayos! hehe

    kaso hub lang gamit ko pang-network. ok lang...2 PCs (1 desktop and 1 laptop) lang naman ninenetwork ko eh.
  6. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    ok... no problem... hehehe...

    ok lang kahit hub gamit mo pero recommended talaga switch... pero at least gumagana diba? hehehe

  7. Im trying to follow the steps posted on page 1 to share my connection but I cant access my router page (IP address That's my default gateway.


  8. I was able to access my router page, but after restarting theres no internet connection. I already have a switch but i havent bought lan cable so di nakakabit yung switch. So reset ko muna yung modem.

    Kailangan bang nakakabit na yung switch bago mapagana yung router mode.

  9. motion55

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    No. It should work with the PC connected directly to the modem/router.

    To initially access the router setup pages you had to assign a static IP address to your PC. You can still have a static IP address for the PC but make sure all the blank entries such IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS server addresses should be filled out.

    Or you must switch back the settings to "obtain IP address automatically" and "obtain DNS server addresses automaxtically" as per the instructions.

    In other works go over the instructions again step by step and make sure you follow them exactly.

  10. thanks! will try it out
  11. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    goodluck... just follow the step by step...
  12. madzieph71

    madzieph71 Member

    This is my setup.... Zyxel - Router - PC

    Can I still access the configuration interface of Zyxel? Been trying for weeks to now avail kse...

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yes thats possible, madzieph71. ive done that with my zyxel and my dlink router since i was having an issue getting online and staying online with the PPPOE setup on the DLINK router. so what i did is to revert the PPPOE back to the Zyxel modem (which is the default), then on my router i set it to dynamic (or pwede ring static) ip addressing (since ive setup my modem to provide one ip address only which is, then i also setup the router to clone the mac address of my NIC, and its default gateway is (modem's gui ip address). doing so allowed me to access both the interface of my dlink router and my zyxel modem.
  14. madzieph71

    madzieph71 Member

    Sir, pwede pakilinaw ng steps.... am using a Dlink router also (DI-704P)...

    btw, my connection is in bridged mode not pppoe...

  15. hello..ask ko lang about zyxel..kasi last month we tried to setup internet sharing using ediamax router but unfortunately ayaw tlaga..so we called up PLDT for inquiry..sabi nila di daw kase compatible yung edimax sa zyxel and bili na lng daw ng dlink na router..nung bumili kmi ng dlink umayos naman yung connection..my compatibility issues ba ang zyxel??? ayaw ba tlaga pag edimax gamitin ko na router??? anyone experienced this? or sa configuration lang?..thanks

  16. Meron b installer yan pra lumabas ung configuration ala me kc installer eh pede pa attach po o p send d2 sa email ko [email protected]

  17. zyXel P-660R-D1 pla ung adsl ko ko

  18. I have Linksys WTR54G connected to this PLDT pre-configured modem. Kung naka-default yung configuration ng router ko, internet is working. I then configure the router for some security reasons, working pa rin yung internet. Pero kapag pinatay na yung router or nag-brown-out, hindi gagana yung internet until I reset it to default again then reconfigure for security. What do you think is the problem? Please help.

  19. guys patulong naman sakit na ng ulo ko kanina pa ako dito mag 5hrs na hinde ko ma router mode yung zyxel p600 ginawa ko na lahat ng instructions sa page 1 pero ayaw pa rin. sabi ng pldt tech ipdslam daw ito at hinde pwede i router mode. totoo ab ito? thanks sa makakatulong!
  20. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    just follow the guide in order to access the configuration page... no installer needed...

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