ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem to router mode

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  1. tsong tsang! pano ba settings ng ZTE ZXDSL 831 na modem para maging router?
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    After drilling down to many websites, I found out that the modem supplied by Bayantel for DSL (ZTE ZXDSL 831) is in fact a DSL/ROUTER. After calling in to their Helpdesk they refused to admit that it is a modem router. After insisting on the fact, the agent finally gave up and admitted that indeed it was a modem/router but refused to help me out on configuring to have the PPPoe client on the modem and not on the computer. So she said I'll be doing it at my own risk. And so I did.

    The ZTE modem/router is a bit tricky to configure. To access the GUI you have to hardcode the IP address, the default gateway and the subnet mask of the LAN.

    This is just temporary; you will have to set-up the default gateway to of the LAN for you to access the GUI of the modem using thesame address. But, you will have to revert to obtain automatically later on after you have configured the PPPoE client on the modem.

    The IP address should be 192.168.1.xxx [ from 2 – 253]
    Subnet mask -

    After binding these settings to the LAN, go ahead and open a browser and access the GUI using the default gateway.

    (You have to disconnect the PPPoe client with Windows by the way).
    You will be prompted for the username and password, by default it should be both ZXDSL. Other firmware version may not be the same.

    You will be directed the DSL Router Quick Start Page.THE VPI should be set to: 0 The VCIshould be set to: 33
    After clicking next just configure you’re connection type as PPPoe and click next.
    Configure the WAN settings to obtain an IP address automatically and you should enable NAT (or else you will get a hollow connection).
    Now set-up the PPPoE client and check the always on session.

    Now to Configure LAN side Settings you should enable DHCP server on the LAN. Please also change the host name to the proper name of your computer under MY Computer > right click>properties>Computer name tab>Full computer name.
    After this You should be directed to a summary page . Press finish and your modem will reboot.

    You should close the browser and your modem will restart for about 2 minutes. While the modem is restarting , you should go back to the TCP/IP properties of the LAN and set it to Obtain IP Addess automatically and DNS as well.

    Restart your computer and your good to connect without dialing in every time.

    Cheers .
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    very helpful post, thanks! ako din ZTE 831,di ko ma configure,will try this later when i get home, will "sticky" this post since it is a very helpful tip! thanks again!
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    how about sa NAT option nya? why wala? ask ko dati cla sabi d daw nila alam un mga tech lang daw may alam medo na gulat nga nung tnanong ko sa knila.

    so alam mo ba kung pano ko ma papalaba ung nat option? kc mag pportforward sana me para ma decrese ung lag.

    btw thanks great post

  5. thanks.. i tried the settings pero di ako makaaccess sa mga websites and even sa YM.. although sa status connected ako sa internet...may ibang way pa kaya or baka may mali sa settings..anyway thanks pala sa posts.. Good Day!
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    "Configure the WAN settings to obtain an IP address automatically and you should enable NAT (or else you will get a hollow connection). " Kailangan naka enable yung NAT para magkaroon ka ng access otherwise hollow yung kuneksiyon mo.

    I'm working on having screenshots pero as of now medyo busy pa ako :)
  7. warhammer_mj

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    I made a pdf file based on the same instructions above. Matagal ko na kasing nasubukan iconfigure yung ZTe and working naman with no problems except madali siyang uminit.

    Eto pala ang link ng pdf file http://putstuff.putfile.com/71225/2468822

    Cheers. :)
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    thanks for the effort warhammer_mj...

    nice guide...
  9. striker16

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    quick question po, pano po ako makaka pag sod n2? sana p reply kaagad. and thanks. sana lang mayroong member d2 na may alam kung pano palabasin ung nat option kc tnanggal ng bayantel ata.

    wow tol galing mo makaka pag portforward na me YUPEEE galing mo tol langya kc prof. nmin d 2 tinuro samin eh. amp amp amp. router config lang na manual sa dos gagawin.

    well thanks again I can port forward na.
  10. striker16

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    important note back up ur Orginal config incase bad happen.

    (Inside modem config)

    go to Management > back up config > then click back up.

  11. OK NA!!! hehe thanks talaga sa lahat!! nasetup ko na din sa wakas! anyway i have a follow up question.. plan ko kc i share to sa 2 computer.. kukunin ko yung hub sa office kc nakakalat lang dun.. ask ko lang kung paano ishare to sa 2 pc ang internet. DSL - HUB - 2 PC ganun po ba? then yung setup po...
    thanks uli! :D :D
  12. striker16

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    1st kailangan dalawa land card mo dyan sa computer mo.

    1st land card connect mo sa "-->(DSL)<--" dsl to "1st" pc (server computer you prepared)
    2nd land card connect mo sa HUB/Switch mo.

    then ung ibang mga computer mo icconnect mo sa HUB/Switch.

    basta ganyan dapat ang NETWORK setup mo.

    auto share na ata sa eh.
    basta sa TCP/IP ng mga land card nung ibang computer mo (client computer) lag yan mo ng Ip address na 192.168.1.(bahala kana basta .3 and above except 255) tapos sa subnet mass tapos default gateway (kung anu ung ip address mo na gamit ma sa 1st computer na naka connect sa switch/hub or try mo na din ung def. gate way na gamitin mo. kung aaw ung ip address mo nalng na nka laga sa landcard ng 1st computer mo. (cra na kc isang computer ko kaya d ko ma try eh.))

    well sana naintindihan mo. hirap mag explane eh. T_T
  13. warhammer_mj

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    Always happy to help :). Its good to hear kyertap na gumana na siya. Tama ung setup mo DSL modem/router > hub > 2 pcs. It's plug and play, no special settings needed ( Ip addresses will be assigned by your Router's DHCP server). But, I would suggest using a switch instead of a hub. It's more intelligent in terms of sensing which computer gets the data it originally requested. Hubs are plain dud. They just babble the data on any Pc that connects whether they request the info or not .

    Cheers :)
  14. striker16

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    oooopppssss sorry, heheh sanay kc me mag shared ng pppoe dial up eh. so un pwede pala router> hub > 2 pc.

    I agree kay war. switch is best but if you have money. choose switch hub
    programable sya gaya ng router ewan ko lang ang switch kung programmable din.

  15. thanks talaga sa inyo!!!! naka share na ngayon ang internet ko sa 2 pc.. ^_^!! nakakatuwa hehehe.. eto pala dagdag ko lang sa pagsetup nong ZTE ZXDSL 831 para sa router mode..

    since may vpi = 0 / vci = 33 na sa settings ko by default.. i just clicked the ADVANCE tab then WAN then CONNECTIONS tapos inedit ko na lang yun br_0_33 tapos sinundan ko na yung setup na pinost nyo.. then sa ADSL (ADSL Settings) sa baba ng CONNECTIONS i checked the ADSL2 at ADSL2+. hindi kc naka checked sakin by default kaya pala di ako makakonek...

    additional info lang to para sa ibang katulad ko...

    anyway thanks talaga sa inyo!!!! ^_^ hiniram ko lang tong HUB sa office.. bibili na lang ako ng SWITCH ^_^ tulad ng sinabi nyo.. hehe makapagipon na nga at magtatayo na lang ako ng net cafe dito samin.. hehe


  16. kainis hehe mga overnight online tapos maddc then ayaw na komonek kelangan ireset ko yung router.. kaso maraming resets bago komonek...
  17. striker16

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    mga tol parang may negative effect to. 3 times na me na ddc after angat ang phone, b4 d me nka router mode pero d me na dc. now lang me na last 2 days na dc me 2 times nung may gumamit ng computer then now after me angatin ung phone na dc nnman.. T_T
  18. Symantec

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    baka may problem ka sa dsl splitter.....
  19. striker16

    striker16 Member

    like? anyways d nman sya laging na ddc pag inaangat mnsan lang. ngayon ok namn 3 times na na angat ang phone d nman na dc... ewan ko ba.... thanks anyway...

  20. guys p help nmn try ko kasing gawing router itong lumang modem ng
    pldt alcatel hoe plusplus500 nung first day ok pa sya pero nung second day may error dun sa default gateway nya nag fail sa diagnostics
    anu kya pede ko pang gawin nag poportforwarding kc ako may pang portfoward kc ito help mn oh ^^ any advice??? ty in advance

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