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  1. athenaxds

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    Company Background.

    2Wire provides integrated broadband solutions engineered for the carrier and optimized for the subscriber, creating intuitive, reliable user experiences throughout the connected home. With over 20 million gateways shipped, more than 30 awards for corporate achievement and product innovation, and an expanding global distribution footprint, 2Wire continues to set the worldwide standard for excellence in broadband access equipment and user experience.

    For those who are not yet satisfied with there results when conducting a broadband/dsl speedtest try this website.

    My Speedtest

  2. pawleonhart

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    yan din ginagamit ko at speedtest.net, nuon kasi nung smartbro subscriber pa ako yan ang advice sakin ng tech support nila mas accurate daw. ewan ko lang ha... ngayon im with globelines, 800kbps nakukuha ko with 1 mb connection.
  3. ViRuS_DaW_Me

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    dati rin yan din ginagamit ko na speedmeter.
  4. duhwho

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    oo nga common naman itong 2wire.. bakit need pa ng thread hehehehe
  5. athenaxds

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    obcourse for speed comparison ^_^
  6. ivan02891

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    ginamit ko rin ko..nung try ko magpalit ng proxy...
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    what i mean, everyone knows about 2wire.com and other likes speed test sites...

    no need to create about a thread...

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