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  1. I'm not sure if the programmers of the philippines are aware yet. But there are sites such as where you can go and bid for work in an ebay style setting. I did this kind of work for awhile inbetween jobs when i still lived in the states, i rolled in about 1000-1500$/mo USD for a few months working 20-30 hours a week. I program in PHP/JScript/DHTML/HTML/SQL/a little c and a little vb..

    There are also other projects avalible such as translation, writing advertisements, spell checking, server administration type projects, etc..

    almost anyone should be able to make more money working online at than they do working at a call center here in the RP.

    Like i said before, there are a few other sites like rentacoder.. But rentacoder is the only one I have actively used.
  2. genexide

    genexide Member

    how do we get paid?

  3. They send out western union, checks or paypal.. You can get paypal through xoom..
  4. Xhitman

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    Hmm how does it work? Is it worthit?
  5. primus

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    i've been using rentacode for quite a while now, and i get paid through W.U, however, there's a stiff competition with rentacoder because there's a lot of professional programmer.

    the trick to get attention for your code is,..don't make your code as if as you are writing your entire biography, a 5 liner of code for a typical 20~50 liners can get more attention.

    i am getting more sale because most of my codes are for real-world interfacing purpose.
  6. Xhitman

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    I see. what languages do u participate in? Will this be a good project to hone my programming skills? or should i master my skills first before trying out a project? BTW, where are you at? Philippines?
  7. primus

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    mostly c, c++ c#, java, assembly, mcu/mpu programming, atmel, .net php or perl kung embedding.

    i'm in the middle east..
  8. Xhitman

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    Cool! Hmm dami pa ata kong dapat pag-aralan sobra.. marami pang kakaining bigas!
  9. primus

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    kaya mo yan...
  10. goodlooks

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    read more book lang daw kailangan dyan hehehe

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