Word Bumbai Should Be Banned In Philippines

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Do You Feel The Word Bumbai or Bumbaya should be banned in the Philippines?

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  1. I am a resident of Thailand and am of Indian origin. The word Bumbai "stinky onion" should be abolished and termed as a forbidden word...like you cannot use the "n" word in USA. Instead, its time Filipinos start calling Indian people as Indians...i fail to understand so many Indian BPO Firms are set up in Manila...and we are still called stinky onions. Haven't you all changed after watching Luna Blanca on GMA Network?? It's actually hurting us Indian people here in Manila and rest of Philippines, as we are facing this problem on a day to day basis, hearing these slurry remarks. It's the 21st Century for Christ Sake. In Thailand its much better, we are called as Indians...or just call us foreigner...since India is a different country and miles apart from Philippines...no border issues like China :)

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  2. motion55

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    I thought Bumbai comes from the name of the city Bombay (Mumbai as the Indians probably pronounced it). So Mumbai or Bombay means onion smelling city?
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  3. Symantec

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    Filipinos are one of the most hospitable people in the world sir, I dont think they meant "smelly onion" but as motion55 said, they meant bombay or mumbai(place in india).

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