WindowsXP SP3 also Released to Special Testers

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by vanix_09, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. vanix_09

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    WindowsXP SP3 also Released to Special Testers

    In addition to the now infamous Vista SP1 being released, Microsoft also dropped the small 350MB Service Pack 3 for the aging Windows XP!! Vista SP1 was released to a tight small group of lucky beta testers, it isnt clear if WinXP SP3 was released to the same testers, but it was let out to a equally lucky group of beta testers!! This build is tagged 5.1.2600.3180 (xpsp.070718-2058) Just as the unclear release dates of Vista SP1, XP SP3 is just as cloudy. Some say we wont see an offical release untill 1st quater 2008, but this alpha pre-release of SP3 is a good sign. Stay Tuned to for updates on both Service Pack, I am on the hunt for info and possible leak!!

    This is just a small part of SP3 and I got this installer from a friend. To those who gonna test it PM me for the link.

    Source: thehofix, bink
  2. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    meron na ako pre-beta WinXP SP3 this week lang din...
  3. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    YM! mo yung link tol... :lol:
  4. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    @sir vanix pm kita ha... thanks in advance...
    @sir qkywx share naman ntin yan :!: :arrow: :mrgreen:
  5. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    meron ako sa torrent at rapidshare links... sa starter sa thread or ako pwede mamili kayo... just p.m. lang.
  6. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    ok sent you the links... pls check inbox...
  7. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    mga senpai, down na yung almost all torrents, sa the pirate na lang...
    sa rapidshare... deleted na,

    ang prob pa sa na dl ko, reqeusting for serial number... suppose to be hindi naman...

    may prob pa... di gumana sakin serial na yan...
    same din sa demonoid...

    baka meron nakapag-try na jan... pa-upload nung image naman sa mga iba pang torrent site... try natin .nrg(nero)

    sige na please
  8. vanix_09

    vanix_09 Member

    Distribution of beta version for sp3 were deleted confirmed by my friend. Buti na lang na download ko ang beta verion release.
  9. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    yeah right sir vanix... umabot kaw... pati si sir qkwyx...

    august 8 siya naupload eh, na dl ko siya, pero ang prob ko, lumalabas na kailangan serial...

    anyway baka pwede niyo nman upload yan ulit hehehehe,

    or else... hintay na lang talaga kami sa official release...
    wheeew... sayang...
  10. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    I found out that ang Pre-Beta SP3 will not accept old SP2 Serial key or will not accept/detect a number of P*rated or Illeg*l Product keys... Ganyan din yung SP2 eh... If I am correct are you using an !@#$%^&*() Product key??? hehehehe kaya pala hihingi ng serial number... What kind of XP are you using???

    Yung links naibigay ko deleted na ba??? sige for the benefit, I will make a copy to be uploaded... will post soon... medyo busy lang ako...
  11. kwiki

    kwiki Member


    pa try po...
  12. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    meron din ako Pre-Beta SP1 for WinVista x86-x64... busy pa ako paminsan... will try to upload it also...
  13. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    @sir qkwyx...

    ah sir sp2, di ba itong pre beta eh fresh install dapat???

    saka may serial na binigay dun sa torrent site... kaya lang di gumagana..

    anyway sir... wait namin yan dito sa pinoydsl... lam dami gusto mag try...

    thanks in advance... para dito satin...
  14. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    fresh install??? hindi ko ma gets... ako kasi double click ko lang yung file then it will autopatch your WinXP regardless of (Home or Pro)... I am using Legit Product key kaya hindi ako hinihingi-an ng serial number... dapat siguro hanap ka ng ibang serial key to update your current WinXP... or their is another way to use the old SP2 serial key, use the nLite or the RyanVM's... after it simply copy the i386/pidgen.dll file from your old WinXP SP2 CD... busy lang talaga ako to guide you all the process... hoping may tuturo pa sa inyo how to do it... busy lang talaga ako as in... will make-up to upload the Pre-Beta SP3 as soon as possible...
  15. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    ok sir qkwyx... basa na lang ito ha... sa help niyo here, atleast i got idea...

    mukha, upgrade ko yung XP(home or Pro) to sp3...

    i mean sa fresh install... from boot cd ako format ko gamit yung na dl na sp3...

    try ko ugrade yung sp2,...

  16. qkwyx

    qkwyx Member

    grabeh now lang ako naka pasok sa thread... everytime ako login sa PinoyDSL walang lumalabas sa screen ko now lang talaga... anyways, palevelmode naka install kana sa Pre-Beta SP3? may link ako rito...
  17. vanix_09

    vanix_09 Member

    Hey! download the august auto patcher a lot of hotfixes inluded from windows xp sp3.

    Check it out.
  18. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    sige senpai, san na link natin, need ko to ngayon, comaprison sa M$ at
    other os, please po link, hehehe

    meron pa kaya, tagal na last post ni sir vanix, di nanaman ako nakahabol haaayyy
  19. henryjett

    henryjett Member

    ako din pa send poh ng link plssssssss..slamat
  20. jaczmar

    jaczmar Member

    maganda ba xp crystal???
    may problema ako sa xp essential ko e nawawala ang sound minsan lan cards di madetect /os ko palagay ko may problema
    trying to install xp crystal aug 2007

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