Windows Media Player 11 - Public Beta

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by ojpd, May 17, 2006.

  1. ojpd

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    Windows Media Player 11 - Public Beta Now Available

  2. hotbreed

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    mukhang vista talaga :lol: . di kaya yung anti-piracy update naka bundle dyan tapos pag pirated OS mo, biglang "GOCHA! Bwahahaha. You may have fooled our old WMP 10 but not the new WMP 11 with smart piracy detection plugin. Bleeeh." Joke :)
  3. genexide

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    di nman kaya maxado na tlga greedy si bill gates? di pa din xa contento sa pagiging richest man in the world niya.... gusto niya pa na lahat ng tao ay bumili tlga ng legit pra mas marami xa kita.... ganon kya or am i wrong?
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    para ma control nya lahat nang pc.. di mo ba alam may worm at trojan na kasama yung windows OS niya hehehehehehe sana pwede sa 2k ang wmp11


  5. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    kahit nga wmp10 di pwede sa 2k eh... isa yan sa mga strategy nila.. forcing us to upgrade if we want to use their latest wmp...

    fortunately, there are other better players out there... (for me)
  6. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga ano kala nya we are going to kneel hehehehe

  7. mindless

    mindless Member

    hey. u want to install wmp11 and bypass the validation?

    get it here.
  8. ojpd

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    Pero... Guys, just to be fair with the windows world.. Microsoft is a company with lots of employees.. And most of those employees have families to feed and bills to pay.. The people who develop these softwares spent a lot of time learning and effort to make these softwares great.

    The company needs to have paying customers to sustain itself.. Pareho din yan sa mga jobs/sideline ng iba sa atin.. Like, would any of us reformat/install OS/troubleshoot a complete stranger's PC for free? Maybe some would do a job for free but not everyday. Even linux OS teams need donations.. Ubuntu wouldnt be ubuntu without Mark Shuttleworth's money.

    And about Bill Gates, he's the richest nga.. But then he also has taxes as well as employees to pay.. For me, the way he built his microsoft empire is somewhat.. Admirable. A very smart man. Kumbaga kung hindi sya nagpapa wise wise I dont think aasenso company nya.. These anti piracy stuff are necessary na talaga para mabawas bawasan ang piracy. There wouldnt be OS's like microsoft's that almost all of us use/enjoy everyday if the company wasnt earning any money.
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    hehehe si ojpd talaga.. pero sana fair business sya

    hindi yung lalabas sya nang software full of crappy and then wait for service pack or better wait for a new version which requires new pc for its performance and after 2 years or so will not anymore support the old version.. heheheh crappy..

  10. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Well consumers always have the option of going for an alternative OS. There are hundreds of free operating systems out there. Linux has lots of flavors to choose from. I mean if a person doesnt like Microsoft products he can always get himself a mac or download a linux distribution diba?

    What you said about newly released microsoft operating systems always requiring better hardware is true. But then that's just how technology evolves man. If softwares and hardware didnt require that much upgrading we would still be stuck with slower computers, games that has graphics like the very first pacman or space invaders... Does anybody here remember the monochrome days of MSDOS 6 or Qbasic? Playing gorilla.bas or nibbles.bas was fun but I wouldnt wanna be stuck playing those games forever.

    The evolution of hardware and software technology doesnt only happen in the microsoft world. Even celphones are evolving and at a faster rate than the computer world. A top of the line nokia phone this month wouldnt be as hardcore as the newer models that instantly gets released a month after.

    Newer technology is always faster and better than the older ones.. It costs money because the people developing that technology are just like us who also need the money to live their lives. Microsoft has flaws that's why there are updates and service packs. Even Mac OS X has flaws.. Hence the updates.. Even Ubuntu has critical updates. I guess you guys can call me a Microsoft fanboy but yeah.. Para lang sakin noh.. I use XP everyday.. I dont wanna sound like a hypocrit complaining about something that I actually use as my primary OS and enjoy it every single day. Tama rin diba?
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    well im not againts evolution... what i am saying people spend money for a support that last at least 5 years.. hello sino ba ang magbabayad nang mahal na after 6 months meron nang bago...

    let say the 2000 advance server... yeah quite good.. after 3 years (after 4 SP) they have now 2003 i mean yeah 2003 server has a lot of new to offer but no business would easily migrate to 2003 without having yet have an ROI for getting the license and paying for system admin and etc... who most of the company pays thousands of money for the training of their IT personel for 2000 Advance server... now here comes 2003 addtional cost not only on hardware and license but also on training..

    i mean ok lang mag upgrade to make things better... a total new package is something.. like for example most IBM and Dell are worth thousands but they have support for 5 years... yeah IBM and DELL may release new machines but that not intend to totally scap the old ones..

    and flaws should not be tolerate specialy from a people hard earned money.. ikaw ba gusto mong bumili na after several months may sira pala and upgrade is one way.. i mean thats a joke on people's hard earned money di ba... ako bibili ako nang isang bagay na alam ko minimum nito eh 1 yeat, bibili ako nang TV na ang alam ko picture tube nito eh 2-5 years, at bibili ako nang ref na alam ko ang compressor nito ay 5 years di ba.. without me having to buy a new tv or ref because the company releases new tv and ref and will not support my old tv and ref...but thank goodness di ito nangyayari sa tv at ref kahit may bagong HDTV at least aking old tv still working... and i thank god for it na until now di pa ako nag papaservice nito (2 years na)... well except for the ref pero at least naka one year mahigit

    problema kasi sa software walang warranty kaya ayan.. ok lang na ma update nang service pack... and a waste for people's hard earned money knowing that the software they buy has no minimal warranty of 1 year of free from defect... tskkk

  12. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Everything has flaws. That's why we get new videocard drivers almost every 2 weeks. That's why we get firmware upgrades for our cd or dvd rom drives or other hardwares. Flaws are what makes us all human beings. And human beings are the ones making these products.

    3-5 years is just about the same span of time novell releases their new server os and companies who use novell also pays for upgrades. Ang problema kase is people always whine about microsoft and putting it down as if it's the worst operating system in the world. Ang daming alternative options naman eh. Surely there's a reason why companies stick with windows server and not novell or any other server os out there. Sa totoo lang those companies have options and they themselves know how microsoft does business. If they think microsoft is too expensive for them their planners would have opt for another server OS like novell. Still novell releases upgrades as well and that costs money too. Every piece of major software out there will cost companies money. That's a fact. And that is just how things go in this world.

    Personally I dont really think I wasted any of my hard earned money in buying a legit copy of windows xp and Im sure alot of oem people out there will agree. It works. This is how the computer industry works. Companies hire people to develop their products. They sell software and hardware. If there's a flaw, the developers fix it. Dapat din natin intindihin na ang mga tao na nagdedevelop ng mga softwares ay TAO rin. They work their @sses off everyday developing their stuff for years. After they release it most of the project leaders/developers get vacation breaks. That's why if ever there's a problem it would take a month or two before it gets fixed but then it will get fixed. As I said in the previous post, even linux distributions get updates. Even firefox gets updates. How come when windows releases FREE service packs and FREE updates all the kiddies in the world talk sh1t about it.

    The whole world already knows the way microsoft sells it's products. That's just the way microsoft works. Why whine if you can get an alternative product? Example, you know you're lactose intolerant and you go shopping for groceries.. You see 2 kinds of milk for sale.. One is not for your tummy and the other is Soy based. Would you buy the product na magpapasabog ng pwet mo or would you go for the soy based milk? Pareho din yan sa software.. Hindi naman namimilit si Steve Balmer na bumili lahat ng tao ng microsoft products eh.. Diba?

    Plus on the Server OS side.. Companies have always had options and windows server isnt the first or the most solid server os out there. The planners behind the companies who is capable of paying thousands know this. If they opted for a microsoft based server then that just means kaya nila mag upgrade sa bagong release or else they would have gone with the traditional and more solid server operating systems out there.
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    i guess thats a wrong notion not because its technology we go to the fact that we can not get a guarunteed working software or hardware for at least a year... di ba.. yeah there is a new video card but it doesnt make my old video card obsolete right.. because as far as i know the video card i bought can still work for let say until 5 years... iba ang software na sinasabi ko kay microsoft di ba.. si microsoft gagawa nang software na tapos after 3-6 months mayroon nang service pack and then after 2 years meron nang bago making the old version obsolete and chances of not anymore getting support like update patches etc...

    flaws is acceptable within the so called norms not because its microsoft bill gates we accept their flaws easily... thats why exploiter and hackers telling the whole world na your windows is not secured.. so it means i use a software knowing it is not secured... yeah human like us makes this product and also we can decide wether we should creat a quality products or not...

    actually companies with sensitive data and other information never use microsoft server... they rather prefer linux or proprietary-made unix base OS, AS4000 or other UNix base.. these are more secured and maintenance is not costly... even the NSA and CIA and FBI never trusted microsoft hehehehe

    Novell release version but it does not make old version obsolete...meaning my old Novell can still stand security and even linux like red hat or suse or whatever distro new release will not make my old version insecured...

    so when i buy novell and linux i know for a fact i am buying a secured system

    if you say people makes flaws because they are TAO, and mas magaling pa yata ang developer nang ibang OS, so its not their fault its their company faults telling them na not to create a system that can last 1-2 years without service pack...sino lang bang OS na may service pack.. diba microsoft lang naman...

    and im not whining.. im just stating a fact that microsoft OS is not as good as it gets.. so going for Vista at this moment is not a good idea.. and that is not whining that is a declarative sentence

    what im saying like any other OS, ok lang updates but not as service pack or release new version making the oldest version obsolete di ba.... so ako bibili ako nang OS for my PC that can stand for as far as 5 years.. problema sa microsoft when they release new version they stop release update or patches for oldest version... di ba..

    well if you go back to the post i had before, im not whining i just stating a fact na di naman tayo dapat mag kneel because we have options like you said and it is a really crappy software so i dont mind if WMP 11 is not available for my old windows 2000, because like they said maraming Player naman dyan na mas maganda... and frankly two years after vista release 2000 will be next from 98 and ME that no more updates will be given... so who is forcing who.. so bumili ako nang software na pang until certain years lang na after a certain years eh wala nang updates kasi i'm compeled to buy newer hehehehe.. buti na lang may firefox at least wala ako paki kung mayroon IE7 hehehe
  14. hotbreed

    hotbreed Member

    i think youre both right. the developers, mere humans as they are, are imperfect and prone to making mistakes.

    these people, like you and i, go to work each day with truckloads of distraction in their heads like "What do I get my wife for her birthday?" "How can I make Jamie quit skateboarding?" or "There's a new steakhouse two blocks away from here. Maybe I'd go check it out later today" etc.

    fatigue, lack of sleep and depression sometimes cause us to momentarily lose interest in our work and consequently affect the quality of our output.

    everything human made has human flaw in it. windows, linux, mac etc. included.

    on the other hand, end users, who are mere humans themselves have the right to whine and cuss too, when dissatisfied of something. and with the help of new technology, they are able to find people with similar problems as theirs quicker.

    you may have noticed that when people with similar problems collect together. they whine and cuss like monkeys 'uh ah ah' in the capitulum LOL.

    remember the words of the late *toot* *toot* (his wisdom overflowing): we are just bunch of native monkey looking Filipinos LOL
  15. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    im not saying developer must be perfect as in perfect... kasi kahit provider arent perfect di ba.. pero wag naman tipong parang wireless dsl na harapan at garapalan ang pag lililang sa kanilang subscriber

    yeah there is so called birth pains.. but it does not mean we cannot be at least 75% in peformance di ba...

    even in cellphones pero at least when i buy costly cellphones i know i can still use this at least a year di ba.. HP printer ko nga until now supported pa rin kahit 2000 ko pa binili so that is what i mean giving something back in return to people who trusted your service and product...

    kaya nga anong panlaban nang HP a product that last... a product that can survive time.. people tend to buy this product when they know this product will always be there... National and Standard and GE names that no one can cuss...

    Industry in Power and Energy and Communications what names they can depend on GE and Siemens and others ... because they want product and service that they know worthy..

  16. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    asus masyado naman seryoso usapan dito...

    anyway, pareho kayo tama, do what you gotta do, M$ still wins...
  17. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    ojpd has already made a good rebuttal and argument. I would just like to add that having a 2billion dollar (more or less) a year R&D expense is not that cheap (I think Microsoft has already increased it today). Microsoft has developments in all fronts from hardware to software, OS (32bit, 64bit, server platform, embedded systems/PDA), applications (office and other programs), multimedia, and tons of research and development (drivers, protocols, text to speech, speech recognition).

    before Microsoft=Bill Gates but don't be fooled, Bill Gates got rich becuase of the people behind the scene who "markets" and "develops" his products and ideas not becuase of him alone.

    about service packs, it is a free download. even updates to their applications/software are free also.

    about Windows 98/95/2000/xp and variants, as has been pointed out it takes time and money to develop those things. upgrade and migration to newer OS is almost always "optional". no one is required to upgrade. it is the mentality of people that is the problem, most people always wants the "latest". What I don't quite get is why don't people get mad and crazy about NVidia/Intel/AMD, their release cycle for products is only 3-6 months. also Apples Mac OS X Tiger, isn't it just an update but Apple is marketing it as a "better" Mac OS than the previous.

    as for support, Windows OS usually has 8-10years support for legitimate users. your hardware probably wouldn't even last that long.

    The good arguments againts Microsoft are
    1) "forcing" manufacturers to sell "only" Microsoft OS/products (issue for oem manufacturers)
    2) the practice of crippling or to some extend making it "hard" to configure/install alternative or competitors product.
    3) the "unfair" bundling of applications/tools (like IE,windows media player) to kill alternative products.
  18. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    "If they opted for a microsoft based server then that just means kaya nila mag upgrade sa bagong release or else they would have gone with the traditional and more solid server operating systems out there."
    yup, one good example are bank. they don't need crap so they don't replace their good old systems.

    "even in cellphones pero at least when i buy costly cellphones i know i can still use this at least a year di ba.. HP printer ko nga until now supported pa rin kahit 2000 ko pa binili so that is what i mean giving something back in return to people who trusted your service and product... "
    Windows 98 was released during 1998. Windows 98 is still a very popular OS among Net Cafes today. that is around 8 years, doesn't that show you how good it is?
    (of course forget about WindowsMe it was really a crap hehehe)

    we have to admit that we have an "upgrade itch" that we really really need to scratch, and that is the the problem.
  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga dyowell hehehe :)

    basta lahat nang company invest in R & D pero hind sila gaya ni Mircosoft na half bake ang product hehehehe


    by the way, yeah they still sell windows 98 and microsoft already discontinue to provide updated patch.. and yeah free to download ang patches eh paano yung mga internet eh dial up lang? tagal nun.. tapos habang update ka nang patches vulnerable ka na expose ka na kaya anytime soon may worm ka na.. habang download mo yung service pack via dial up.. hehehehe

    ok bahala na kayo kung ok sa inyo mag buy nang product na half bake.. its your money.. basta ako i wont buy anything na alam ko na half bake.. (kaya ito thanks to raldz im enjoying and learning Ubuntu) hehehehehe

    may mga product who has established their names that attached with product quality.. hehehe since when microsoft names attached with product quality... hehehehehe

    basta im stick with 2000 with its WMP9.. and i do hope they still provide patches for it... dahil pag hindi na.... ok lang tsaga kasi i can not shell out money for a new PC just to be installed with a crappy software hehehehe..

  20. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    The only advantage of Ubuntu is that it is freely downloadable other than that it is also halfbaked (see its version log) but a work in progress.

    "may mga product who has established their names that attached with product quality.. hehehe since when microsoft names attached with product quality... hehehehehe "

    Microsoft's product is of quality but it does not mean it is perfect. quality is a relative term that is not commonly used in computer software. name 1 competitor product without flaw/bug that you say "established their names that attached with product quality"?

    The only way I would believe someone that is thrashing Microsoft is if he/she is truely not using any of Microsofts products. and no excuses like "I was forced to" or "this product is only available in windows so I have no choice" or anyother excuses, there are alot of alternatives and no excuses.

    "basta im stick with 2000"
    do you mean Windows 2000?

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