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  1. Just an update with my connection with Wi tribe after i complained to them regarding my speed i checked the next few days and suprisingly enough at the early morning hours last night I actually got good readings checking speed with a US based server unfortunately it seems that they are now blocking specific site that i frequent for my mmorpg gaming. I was able to check this because as of the moment I have two subscriptions because i was still feeling out how good wi tribe is. I just switched connections and every time i use wi tribe i am unable to connect to my game and if go to the other it works fine. This is very dissapointing indeed but not just for wi tribe but for other ISPs as well. We are consumers and we are paying for services that they claim to give us that is why we sign up for them but they start limiting us and blocking us because they deem that we are hogging up to much traffic? Why don't they include that when they advertise their services ? or better yet increase their prices just as long as i get unhindered access ?

  2. Well another update after my post my connection got alot better. I felt the people at Wi Tribe are actually reading these posts. In fact did not have any problems with my connection for a long time that I favored it over my Sky cable but just today my connection speed went down again to about .2 mbps pinging a US server while using the Wi Tribe speed test I get 2mpbs. I guess it does have something to do with their FUP. But my question is again why not just up the price or better yet for heavy users like myself to get different packages. I mean its not that hard to create it.
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    wi-tribe is available in limited areas as of now and in cavite they cannot provide 40% up of your subscribe speed.

  4. sucking witribe :'( for the first week since ive subscribe my connection is ok. but after that untill now for almost 5 months of subscription my internet connection is too slow even my browsing. before starting 12 midnight upto 8am my connection is fast then after that 9 am to 11pm my connection is too slow but for now for almost 24 hours same response my connection is too slow :(

  5. Pano po sa online games?. wi-tribe wimax po kami. laging Disconnect from the serveer sa online games. (Dragon nest SEA)

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