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  1. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    Ok guys, WI TRIBE is now going to be aggressive...in Broadband Market.. after all they have huge loss last year... hehehehe

    And they now OPEN their connection to UNLIMTED

    Starting at:
    Php 598 for 512Kbps
    Php 998 for 1Mbps
    Php 1998 for 2Mbps


    Take note.. its UNLIMITED... but subject to fair usage policy.. like the rest of the ISP...
  2. major_labo

    major_labo Member

    UNLIMITED tapos meron fair usage policy? :confused: kinda contradicting...
  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    well its a common notation in all ISP hehehe.. at least you know walang certain GB limit.. fair usage cguro sa mga bandwidth hogger hehehe

  4. ibig sbhin ba nito? unlimited narin manuod ng videos like youtube? woah?
    kung gnun ok to.. mapapanuod cu na lahat ng episode ng mga favorite kong anime sa anime season! wohoo!
  5. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    WI-Tribe subsriber ka? check mo muna yung account mo kung nabago na nila.. hehehe for old subsriber.. before ka mag marathon.. hehehehe
  6. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Ang tanung jan ay gaano ka "fair" ang FUP nila. Baka kaunting "abuse" lang, bagsak kaagad ang bandwidth.

    In some ways, sumama pa at hindi natin alam ang limit ng "unlimited" nila. It could be worse than before na fixed and known ang usage limits.
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    in other forum some say they cannot do torrent until early morning hours hehehehe... fair?...
  8. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    in fairness (lolz), thats not capping and wala naman sinabi na walang port blocking or walang traffic shaping
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    possible they have traffic shapping hehehe or QoS.. hehehehe
  10. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    WI-TRIBE has now its own MAIN THREAD ;)

  11. meron po ba tricks for witribe recon?...
  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ano gamit USB or Box Modem?

  13. Gamit ko USB. First 30 days, ok yung speed. Pero ngayon wala na, heavily capped na yung traffic ko.
  14. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    di na ako nag reload ng wi tribe chaka sa video streaming

  15. my connection na ako pero nakalagay sa linestatus ko unregistered ???
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    saan line status sa my account?

  17. Same for the first month ok yung speed now i get 2 mbps speed but only to witribe server if i try to speed test to others id be lucky to get .4 mbps was able to check it against my skycable broadband which i hardly use which gives me 1.4 mbps regardless of any server i choose in any location globally. Is this because of the FUP that they have ? Isnt there an ISP that does not have a cap on the amount of traffic ?
  18. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    alam ko wala na silang FUP.. pero my Witribe prepaid is also not good in speed hehehe

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