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  1. Hi, I'm from Baguio city and would like to ask you guys if what ISP is best for me here in baguio, I'm currently a subscriber of BayanDSL at P2599.00/month with the speed of 2.5MBPS. Yes this ISP is good but recently Globe and PLDT upgraded their plans. Globe now is 2,000.00/month for the speed of 5MBPS, and PLDT on the other hand is now P2,700.00(Landline P700.00) for the speed of 5MBPS. Bayantel is good but practicality wise I would go to a cheaper deal and a faster internet.

    My questions now are:

    1. PLDT or Globe? (ISP subscribers opinions of the two is appreciated, especially those that live in Baguio City like me)

    2. Are there downtime of these 2 ISPs here in Baguio(read some forums, its a matter of location right)? My BayanDSL doesn't really have a downtime so I'd be very disappointed if i switch to one of these 2 ISPs and experience downtime and other problems.

    3. I'm more interested in Globe because they have a plan that does not need a Landline, I'm a student and I don't really need a land line cuz i have my CP so If go globe I'd save P700.00 instead of paying it to PLDT without touching the said Telephone but i dont mind this if their service is better especially in downtime problems. I heard that globe has a limited internet capacity of 7GB/day so if you do consume 7GB and beyond the internet becomes sh*tty. (read in globe forums)

    4. Any other reasons why one is better than the other? Please explain briefly

    Thanks for all those who will reply on my thread. I hope that I'll hear your honest opinion about these question and not some fake forum account promoting one of the ISPs I said above.
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    Where are you in Baguio? Do your neighbors have PLDT/Globe DSL? What are your online activities? You can start by asking around the neighborhood about the "horror stories" of the two ISPs you are looking at.

    I'm also from Baguio and have been using Globe DSL at home (now 2 Mbps) since 2009. At work we use Globe DSL too (5 & 6Mbps). So far, so good. My current gripe is that the 6Mbps plans are running at 5.2Mbps max. In terms of downtime, idinadaan ko sa kulitan with their support helpdesk. Mahusay naman response nila if you just be patient and mean business.

    Bayan DSL does not have downtime? I doubt that. Even the "big gorilla" PLDT experiences downtime, and they have a more robust network than that of Bayan. Just last week, some people I know were complaining of slow Internet access on their BayanDSL lines. Problem was due to an International gateway being down (fiber cut daw, said a rep from Bayan).

    Wait for response from other PDSL members from Baguio too. They can certainly help you decide. Welcome to PDSL. :)

  3. So far so good naman ang BayanDSL ko, I've been a subscriber for months now and my experience is that i never had a day that i have no internet and never a time that I got DCed or anything,

    This is the only thing that I experienced last week the slow internet, I experienced it through gaming actually not in terms in downloading because I am using a download manager.

    I live in a apartment here in Aurora Hill and I have a neighbor that's a GlobeDSL subscriber unfortunately I never had the chance to talk to the guy in that unit yet, maybe if nachambahan ko siyang lumabas I'll talk to him and thank you for the reply that post will definitely help me decide, thanks also for the welcome :)

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