What is portforwarding?

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by musicholic23, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Torrent downloader kasi ako.. down speed ko 60-100+/kb. with 20+ seeders using Utorrent..

    ISP ko pdlt with almost 4mbps ang DL speed..tama po ba yn?

    once kasi umabot pa ako ng 300kb pero lately hanggang 100+ lang.

    and i read about portforwarding pero d ko totally maintindhan..

    need help..tnx :)
  2. athenaxds

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    You only need to do port forwarding in case your current port has conflict with another computer or you are using an old router. Most modern routers today doesn't have any problem with P2P applications.

    You can find a brief explanation here
  3. klyster

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    Portforwarding is used to open a particular port for a particular application, wherein your router allows you to received incoming request using the particular port.

    In a more technical explanation. Our router is using Network Address Translation, wherein as you can see we have the so called Wide Area Network IP, this IP serves as your identity on the world, or more commonly known as our public IP, it could be shared or not, this will be based on your providers, the only thing that makes our connection unique is our physical address on your router, which is used by our provider. Naturally ports are close except for some particular port such as web, this is to secure clients, and being implemented on NAT under the so called network access privileges particularly on incoming request, portforward is then used to open this blocked ports, portforward can give special privileges for incomings with a particular port from a particular Private Address (the next level to Public Address), this port from a private address will then be opened to the world, using your particular Public address and physical address (router)(needed due to gate sharing for residential subs)). With advance routing, the router will then direct all the incoming request to the opened port to your particular private address. With NAT it will recognize this privilege then work it out with advance routing.

    Kung may correction pakisabi ng maayos, don't use obscene words.
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    If your router supports it, turn on UPnP. Then use a torrent client which also supports UPnP (i.e. uTorrent or BitTorrent) and enable the same.

    Router mo at App na ang mag-uusap kung ano ports na gagamitin nila. You can also test from within the torrent client kung ok na yung auto-portforward niya to the router.
  5. musicholic23

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    salamat sa mga reply nyo mga master..kuha ko na..at nggmit ko na portforwarding..mabuhay mga pdslers :)
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  7. hi! id really appreciate it if someone could help. im new at private trackers, so i need to keep up a good ratio. (bagged my first one a few days ago), problem is, even if my download speed is relatively ok, i cant seed at all. Im using utorrent, ( max speed dl 400kbps and upload 200-accdg to speedtest.net) . Even if im downloading at an average of 40kbps, no seeding at all occurs. what to do po? 'Im going to get banned at this rate. ...also new to pinoydsl, dont know where to post this po...
  8. pcruztemp

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    you can buy a seedbox so you wont need to cheat.

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