What have you bought yourself lately?

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  1. duhwho

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    wow nice to know that.. dapat sa iyo hindi livewire.. live rounds hahaha :) dapat itong store na malapit sa akin eh magtinda rin ng caracal kasi my cheaper at comparable sa glock hehehe :D

  2. Congratulations on your choice bro. FYI, JJ Racaza of Topshot season 1 competes in production div using Caracal F.

    Caracal is relatively new brand but it's already gaining some following in the shooting community. I had the chance to fire a fullsize (Caracal F) last month and I say it left an impression on me.

    What I like in particular is the really low bore axis (I think as low bore axis as Ruger SR9, which I also like) that make its muzzle flip less resulting to faster sight acquisition and shorter interval between shots. Also, the grip's ergonomic is great and the contour in the neck of its grip allows you to hold it high up the grip like you could with a 1911 with beavertail grip safety.

    I'd definitely get one when budget permits.
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  3. livewire

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    July 16 to 19 ata is gun show sa metro manila, ive heard that Armscor Phil. which is the official distributor of caracal will be having a 15 to 20 percent discount of Caracal F and Caracal C.

    Modified the Lower Receiver with some white engravings to enhance its aesthetic looks better i.e. like HK USP's


  4. Nice, it goes well with the white nitrocarbonized slide. What did you use? I once filled the markings on my Glock 26's slide with white crayon, it held up quite well. Nail polish too on my brother's Kahr PM9's frame.

    Yeah, gunshow is here. Can't buy anything yet, except for ammo and accessories. Baka magalit si misis na puro lang toys binibili ko :D
  5. livewire

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    crayons actually here is the final set

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  6. duhwho

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    cool ng caracal sniper parang nemesis or ax ang itsura hehehe.. ;)
  7. livewire

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    Caracal C in action

  8. athenaxds

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    ^ Dapat siguro meron tayo dedicated thread para sa mga gun owners :)


    Creative Inspire T3130

    DSC_0865.JPG DSC_0866.JPG DSC_0863.JPG
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    San Mig flavored beer, lemon and apple. hehe
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    while waiting for the caracal SC to be released this coming 2013, i decided to buy a partner for my Caracal C, a tanfoglio 9mm force 99/MAPP1 MS

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    Enfalac a+ and diapher for my son. Namiss ko na bumuli ng gadgets... Hehehhehe.
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    Mousepad & Logitech Wireless Mouse

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    DSC_0423.JPG DSC_0425.JPG DSC_0426.JPG DSC_0428.JPG DSC_0429.JPG DSC_0430.JPG

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    magkano ganyang switch sir.
    ayan sir ung kinoconfig pa di ba sir?
    yan ung may enable na tinatype.

  16. I bought Nokia 114 .

  17. I bought Nokia 114 .

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