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    Ser Tanong ko Dto ito Po bang MRU para nading " MTU "oh Tama po ba hinde kona to papalitan?
    1450 default nya tapos ito result .... 1420 Gumagana ping nya...
    Ok naman Browsing ko Download saka Gaming...

    Ser Anu po bang "Attainable Rate? " 26,800 kbps or 26.8 Mbps
    Ito poba dapat na download Speed Ko any Browser? But 2.60 Mbps - 2.80 Mbps lang po matanggap ko?
    "Rate 3071 kbps or 3.071 Mbps" Ito poba dapat na Max Download Speed Any Browser?



  2. :( no one :( no body :) Weew 5min I post Reply
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    The MTU/MRU size specified on the modem is really bigger than the -l parameter in ping by 28 bytes. Thus, a 1450 MTU setting will only yield a "reply" response using ping -f -l 1422 or lower. More info here: http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/GetArticle.aspx?docid=fbf8e8564632422eaa8ea80bf9dcba64_386.xml

    Yung "Attainable Rate" is the theoretical maximum speed that your line and modem can handle (i.e. line speed). The CIR capping/bandwidth profiling happens in between, giving the "Rate" figures which a subscriber pays for (i.e. 1Mbps, 2Mbps, etc.).
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    The MTU is not settable in the modem. Some routers offer this, but its not needed. Most devices and computers will self discover the correct value, so your computer will never send a packet too large.

    The standard minimum packet size is 1500 bytes and all nodes must accept that. The ATM/PPoE header, takes up some that space, (48 bytes) resulting in a the max space available to your PC being 1452 bytes on a Globe system.

    Some dumb devices are set to a low and safe 1400 bytes MTU, so they can operate without doing discovery.

    The ping test above also has some overhead, and the max content size is 1424. 1424 + 28 bytes packet header = 1452 total packet size.

    None of this matters to the user, because the discovery all happens silently and correctly when the PC and routers connect.
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    Also the "Attainable Rate" simply means the max rate available on the DSL link - the quality of the DSL link between you an the cabinet. Your close to the cabinet at 350m, so you get a great signal. Another customer who is say 3km away, would only get half of that rate.

  6. Thank you Ser Rossh.. Meron ako Pahabol ser.. as of 1/30/2015 meron ako na incounter n Problim .
    1. Pag man Open ng Youtube kahit isa o dalawa o tatlo Walang Problema sa Online Game , Walang Lag , Walang DC at Smoth Play all Online Game.

    1. Ngayun Ser Malaki Problema Mag DC na Mag Lag na Hinde na Smoth .. wala naman ako binago ng Speed . Ito post ko Ping Test

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