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    Welcome to PinoyDSL.Net

    PinoyDSL.Net is Philippines DSL Network Forum, a site maintained by several DSL subsribers.

    This site is designed for Philippine DSL users and subscribers with the idea of helping fellow DSL users with its problems ,questions and optimize its usage to the fullest.

    Thanks and More Speed Please!!!

  2. ell we keep on reporting it many times and usually they will come to my wife's house and have this so called maintenance but then after a week or two or sometimes after the 5hours desame problems will occur since march till now month of may she's still dealing with the net problems that is really sucks...she end up becoming the regular complainant of belltel broadband yeah they always came to visit check her connections but seems like they are just so good in checking her pc but not the wire outside like that hanging cable that was there i mean come on lets be realistic here how can my wife knows about that cable that hangs there is from belltel until it came from the mouth of the technician itself she told them before that they should check everything and that includes the cable post but they have to wait till my wife is triple pissed before they can do something on it we all know that net problems due to bad connections cannot be avoided specially if your leaving in the philippines but this is really reciculous because she is more than offline than online..i hope that soon belltel can take some actions in this matter because if they will continue this kind of dilemma they might end up losing many clients and now that my wife is having difficulties on her broadband if you may called it broadband because when she check it is like 76kbps gosh jesus christ i cant beleive it is higher than regular dial up thing..well if you want to know the account name of my wife might as well email us at princessvagts2005@yahoo.com if your really serious in helping us with regards to this..because we are already losing hope that this problems can be solve since it was so long the broadband connections is on and off..i hope all you belltel people can look on this matter because we really got aggrevated with all this..such a headache to deal with specially if your apart from your wife and the only thing that you can relied is broadband connections but most of the time we end up using dial up connections..the headache and aggrevations is not worth it if this is gonna be like this forever i rather call her everyday using my phone which im doing now,we did think that choosing belltel can make our life easier but seems like we have wrong judgement we did choose belltel over pldt inspite the fact that our application for dsl is already ready but then now that we are experiencing this turmoil almost everyday in a row i think it will be a wise decision to just swicth to dsl and apply for dsl again..but still i would really appreciate if belltel will examine this bad connections seriously..
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    Welcome to PinoyDSL donnavagts!
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    pm mo si makhel account manager sya nang belltel icable

  5. makhel

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    got your message.!!!

    please check your e-mail.

    Thank you for bringing-up this kind of issue. These will help both our client and our service...
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    Mas cute siguro ung post niya kung gumamit siya ng mga quatation marks! hehehehe. lolx.
  7. duhwho

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    buti pa icable meron makhel heehehehehe... merong point person


    mas cute yung avatar mo hehehehe

  8. figsch

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    ^ huh? ang haba naman ng post...

    ^ on topic:

    CONGRATS TO PINOYDSL for reaching its "5000th-member" mark!
    with guests included, pinoydsl is surely big!
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    That means we are contributing good ideas to the peopel.
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    I hope marami ang tatambay dito...kasi kunti lng naman talaga ang regular dito...pagkakuha ng kailan umaalis ng walang paalam..:(
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    kung biglang magkaka worldwide hacking, tapos infected lahat ang computers, babalik sila dito para humingi ng tulong... hehehe. =D

    ive come to love this place, even just for leisure reading. =D
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    madami talaga ganyan... pagkatapos tulungan parang bula wala na...
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    "lurkers" ba tawag dun ?
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    ako palagi ako pupunta dito basta nagonline ako. kahit dun lang ako sa chat lounge at im bored active hehe. masaya naman dito eh.
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    di ba yan ang mga lamerz? o kayay leechers?

    btw bago pa po ako dito. just surfing noon. at nabasa ko yong tungkol sa problem ko. at maynakuha ring maganda.
    tnx to pinoydsl. at doon sa mga expert
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    welcome to the forum


  17. b0n!fac!0

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  18. dyoddyowel

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    welcome to the forum...

    hope you'll enjoy your stay here...
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    Welcome Boni!!!
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    Hehehe... Welcome sa lahat nang new faces dito sa pDSL. :mrgreen:

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