weird speed test results

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by mjay, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. mjay

    mjay Member

    i am getting weird results from bayantel's own speed test

    113102.45 kbps
    219136 kbps
    233745.07 kbps

  2. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    kahapon ata nde yan maaccess yang, baka nagkaroon lng sila ng maintenance^_^ yan ang result
  3. dodi

    dodi Member

    WOW bilis ah 20mb connection :)
  4. dirkX

    dirkX Member

    cguro lahat nang internet speedtest na site ay puro peke hehehe
  5. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    nde ko rin nga ma access as by now yang site na yan, cguro exclusive for bayantell users lng

  6. Ganyan din ang nku2ha kong result pero ambagal nmn ng browsing ko :(
  7. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    kailangan i hold yung ctrl button while refreshing the speed test site, di na rin pwede sa ibang isp, try ko sa smart bro yung , un authorized daw... just hold the ctrl button while refreshing....


  8. I just realized that I am having this weird speed test results when I use Firefox, sa IE ok nmn.

  9. My Internet speed test results are,
    Download Speed: 18.89 Mbps
    Upload Speed:0.795 Mbps.
    I perform this test from

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