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Discussion in 'Chat Lounge / Im Bored' started by klyster, Nov 22, 2010.


Do you want him to be a MODERATOR

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  1. primus

    primus Member

    Again, that is entirely your opinion, and you are entitled to it. Your truth is not everyone's truth.[/quote:3a253e94]

    as what i expected you would answer, you are correct, you don't need to please me and i don't need to be pleased too, but one thing is for certain, if you indeed stepped-up to make them stop, you can easily tell that to me without having to dig the thread, if you have it done, you wouldn't have a problem to mention it.

    by the way, it is not an opinion.. it is a fact
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    A1: Yes, I remember I did.

    A2: Yes, I remember I did. I even remember sending PM to sa-joedy to can it already since prolonging the friction just causes more fire. But then, how will you verify the veracity of that now? I guess, it's down to just my word against yours.

    You call me a biased person, then that is your opinion. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone here.

  3. You told them thru pm? but you didn't do the same thing on the other side? Fishy...

    Let's burn this one down.
  4. primus

    primus Member

    you didn't - in the thread "Moderator Kylster: ano problema mo" you didn't post anything that you resent the attacks towards me, while on this thread you openly vent your resentment, why is that?

    if you can post a resentment to a particular post that might have been attacking one of your friends, for sure you can also post similar resentment to stop them.

    you are right, your PM to sa-joedy cannot be verified, would it be more openly and truthful if you stepped in the middle to stop them attacking me instead of claiming you tried to stop them through PM why not make it publicly so people can see you are not siding with anyone? apparently, they didn't listen to you as they continuously attacking me, and even to this time, i have not seen a single post from you to make them stop, while you already made a post that venting your concern to your friend? if that isn't a form of bias, then i don't know what it is.
  5. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^As I said... It boils down to just my word against whoever's. I don't see the point of posting on the board and sending PM to the same people? Hindi ko po gawain ang magpa-pansin.

    Burn whatever it is you want to burn for all I care. Knock yourself out.
  6. primus

    primus Member

    i don't see a point too as to why you need to step-in and vent your concern when your friend has been attacked too.

    that is just an idiom, which I think you should support, because it is a call for "stopping this crazy topic"
  7. livewire

    livewire Member

    guys suggestion. di ko alam san to nag umpisa but its getting worst. as far as mga mga nabasa ko dito sa last part it all about a certain post or thread. correct me anytime if im wrong since i said i am not familiar with where all of these started.

    If I may with the permission of the mods and the members to present my humble solution to end this once and for all. If indeed my theory or understanding of the situation is corrent that all of these started from a certain thread/post and eventually rooted out to other thread/post. Why not delete the root cause? the thread or post that started all these and also delete all post relating to the root cause including this topic. if all is gone then whats their to argue about? regarless if the topic was started by a mod or a member so as long as its connected to all of this arguments.

    in the end no one wins. in the end its fair to everyone. and in the end if those post/topics are deleted, there is no basis for any arguments right?

    just my humble opinion.
  8. josekym

    josekym Member

    I was referring to the older threads, and not that. Whatever happened to "don't feed the troll"?

    Did Deeza attack anyone to deserve the reply he got in the funny pics thread? That, and the succeeding IPCop D*ick pix were the issues I was talking about in my reply.

    All the while I thought you were immune to such senseless postings since you keep on saying "don't feed the trolls" and here you get affected so much?

    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering why I didn't post my replies quickly enough to "step-in" and try to stop whoever, well, I still have a day job to attend to.

    This will be my last post in this non-productive thread.
  9. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    Sir, Do you know whats funny on deeza's thread? I'll post something here that can make that thread even more hilarious as it looks but I'll keep it myself as it will only burst your boys anger.
  10. primus

    primus Member

    doesn't matter, old or new topic, your support to stop them with this thread is much needed. specially they are your friends

    yes he did, by being a "passive supporter"

    you got it all wrong, i only reply to post that seem to be civilized in discussion, and it is you who are greatly affected when one of your friend has been attacked and you post your resentment about it.

    kinda unbelievable isn't it? you can post to resent but you can't post to make them stop. that is odd don't you think? bad alibi huh?
  11. primus

    primus Member

    well, i agree to all of your post, the problem i am seeing here is not the post itself but how the members attacking other members on a personal level.

    I for one would like to make the board as clean as possible, but there are people who can't seem to behave themselves in a more civilized way when handling an argument. what i see now are bunch of members who would perpetuate the situation.

    it only needs an educated and civilized person to make the whole thing stop.
  12. livewire

    livewire Member

    again if may with your permission members and mods.

    let me be the referee in between

    if the mods delete everything that is related to this arguments. can i get an assurance from all the individuals are concerned to stop attacking, flaming etc. etc. and start clean. if all of those post are deleted regardless if tht TS is a mod or a regular member. then there would be no more arguments?

    if you are an individual na kasali sa gulo dito and you agree post YES if you dont post NO. we cant please everybody but then majority wins right? i can try to make peace with everyone but then again i can only do as much if no one is willing to cooperate.

    Just so everybody knows, I am not paid to do this, nor am i a mod. I do not earn from pdsl nor am i being paid or manipulated by any moderators or pdsl member. i am doing this for one reason and only one reason. i miss the old quite pdsl that i used to know.

  13. @josekym
    I was referring to the topic not pointed to you.

    "Let's burn this one" refers to the thread. geez.
  14. alimokoi7

    alimokoi7 Member

    ------ North Korea VS South Korea------

    Kung di ma dala sa usapan...
    Di ilabas niyo na ang mga SKILLs nyo....
    Hacking o ano pa man yan... para matapos na to, oi!
    Kapoy baya!
  15. klyster

    klyster Member

  16. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    nah! Leave this thread in this board. Let people do the judging Klyster. I am sure that our members are intelligent enough to see who's right or wrong.
  17. donetus

    donetus Member

    it's going to be an endless tirade though.

    lock but don't delete .. ;)
  18. klyster

    klyster Member

    Okay... if we will go for the decision of sir Unwired, then let it be open, anyway there must be away to let this things stop... For us to go back on our normal lives...

  19. Si sir sa-joedy mag-mod... wwweeeehhhhh
  20. isponj_bob

    isponj_bob Member

    makisawsaw na nga po [while eating popcorn].

    sana lang mga tol wag natin gawing katawa-tawa ang mga projects like Ipcop, Squid or the like. Those projects created by altruistic and skilled people.
    Those are wonderful projects and we benefit to its uses one way or the other. Sigurado ako na none of us can pull off such kind of projects. we simply do not have the resources (skills and brainpower included). so why bash it? Ika nga ni sir josekym, nakikigamit lang tayo.

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