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Discussion in 'Software' started by klyster, Sep 6, 2010.

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    sir eh di yun pong 2nd OS ko pwedeng primary partition narin?
    thanks po sa reply!

    @master josekym,

    sir na-try nyo na po na mag-install ng 2nd OS sa primary partition like sir homerSimpson said?
    thanks master ;)
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    ^^No, I only have one primary partition at the moment. Am multi-booted between Windows and Linux now... Yung Windows ko nasa Primary partition, yung Linux nasa extended. Works that way naman.

    Maybe these can help further:

  3. Pwedeng pwede! actually I run triple-boot (Gentoo, Linux Mint, Win7 Pro). You can install various Linux distros in a Logical partitions no prob unlike Windows that you have to install it in a primary partition. My current Laptop 500MB HD is partitioned into 12 partitions.

    If you are planning to go to multi-boot route, I suggest create a separate '/boot' partition and put it at the beginning of the HD. It can be as small as 60MB.

    Sa Windows (7 Pro and above) partition, you can even create a VHD and install Win7 on it. Kaya lang Win7 Ultimate and above lang ang pede install sa VHD native boot.
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    @master josekym and master homerSimpson

    Salamat po sa info's :)

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