Transfer Files Between iPhone and Cloud Servers Easily with iFile Pocket

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  1. At times, you may need to transfer and share your iPhone files with friends, colleagues or families. Due to invisible file system of iOS operating system , many people found that it's difficult to do file transfer on iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Follow the below steps, you will get an easy of sharing iPhone files to cloud servers or other computers with Kvisoft iFile Pocket:

    1. Upload files from iPhone to Cloud
    Step1: Open iFile Pocket
    Step2: Click Edit icon
    Step3: Select files and click Cloud icon
    Step4: Select Cloud server and login in with your account

    2. Download files from Cloud to iPhone
    Step1: Go to Cloud section
    Step2: Choose Cloud and login in with your account
    Step3: Select files to download to iPhone
    By the same way, you can also transfer files between iOS devices and other Cloud servers such as Google Drive, SkyDrive an d Box.

    3. Transfer files between iPhone and computers
    Note: Please make sure that your iOS device such as iPhone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network.
    Step1: Click Import Files icon
    Step2: Select WIFI
    Step3: Open the URL address it shows in web browser
    Step4: Upload or download files
    Find it easy to share and transfer iPhone files with Kvisoft file manager app iFile Pocket? It's now only $2.99 which is a special price for Christmas.

    Compatibility of Kvisoft iFile Pocket
    1. System: iOS 5.0 or later versions
    2. Devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. This iOS file manager app is specially optimized for iPhone 5.

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