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    Spy po ito for incoming and outcoming messages...pti po sa call logs and many more,,,
    tested po sa samsung galaxy mini,,,,sna po nakatulong ako,,, sana po wag gamitin sa msama,,,,ginawa ito para sa mga parents na gusto masubaybayan ang knilang mga anak...
    Pasensya na ndi ako marunong maglagay ng pictures...[​IMG][​IMG]
    dapat nakainstall sa cp ng iispy nyo,,,para ndi nya makita ang application on the parental control mode and set secret code,,,
    para po mkita nyo at maedit ang application type ur secret code at maglalaunch ang application...paalala lng po my bawas po na load kapag nasend sa inyo ang mga txt galing sa iniispyan nyo,, sna unlimited txt ang iniispyan nyo,,,[​IMG]
    Automatically FORWARD SMS,Call notification & Recorded call to Email,Twitter and/or another phone **Secretly MONITOR text Messages,Calls and Location of your child or employee **Automatically RECORD calls and Store on SDCard and/or forward audio file to Email **Kid Monitoring and Tracking(PARENTAL CONTROL) **Phone PROTECTION, SECURITY and TRACKING**SIM Change Alert via SMS/Email/Twitter with details of new SIM Card **Schedule BACKUP(SMS, Call Log, Contacts, Applications List and Browsing History + bookmarks)** SECURE Uninstallation **Update TWITTER Status and forward home TIMELINE via SMS.
    More Details:
    Automatic SMS Forwarding:
    - Forward incoming/outgoing SMS as another SMS to another Phone.
    - Forward incoming/outgoing SMS to multiple email accounts.
    - Forward incoming/outgoing SMS to your Twitter account as direct message.
    Automatic Call Notification Forwarding & Call Recording:
    - Forward incoming/outgoing phone call notifications as SMS to another phone.
    - Forward incoming/outgoing phone call notifications to multiple email accounts.
    - Forward incoming/outgoing phone call notifications to your twitter account.
    -Record Calls and forward as email attachment with forwarded call notification.
    Phone Locator/Tracking/Security/Sim Change Alert:
    - Include phone location (address and map link) in every SMS and phone call notifications forwarded to multiple email accounts.
    - Forward phone location (address and map link) remotely via incoming SMS with keyword.
    - Remotely sound loud alarm to locate missing phone via incoming SMS with keyword.
    -Get a notification via Email/SMS/Twitter DM when your phone is stolen and SIM Changed. The notification will tell you the thief's new phone number and monitoring of thief's SMS,calls and location will automatically continue.
    - Schedule automatic Back up of contacts list and send to email.
    - Schedule automatic Back up of Call logs and send to email.
    - Schedule automatic Back up of SMS and send to email.
    - Schedule automatic back up of Applications list and send to email.
    -Schedule automatic back up of Browsing history & send to email.
    - Forward contacts list remotely via keyword in incoming SMS.
    - Forward list of installed applications via keyword in incoming SMS.
    - Forward Call logs via incoming SMS with keyword.
    - Forward SMS folder via incoming SMS with keyword.
    Parental Control + SECURE UNINSTALLATION:
    Parents can now track and monitor their kids communication with SMS Control. In this mode, the application will be invisible to the kid,
    there is no icon in the application list, application can only be launched by using the phone dialer to dial 54321(default secret launch code which can be changed in application settings) or
    dial the 5 digit number specified as SECRET CODE in the application settings.
    After enabling PARENTAL CONTROL MODE, if the application icon is still on the home screen, just rotate/flip the device or REBOOT and the icon will disappear forever as long the application remains in parental control mode and can only be accessed by dialing your SECRET launch CODE.
    **Enable SECURE UNISTALLATION if you don't want your kid or unauthorised users to uninstall the app (Android 2.2+)**
    NB: This Version Contains Push Advertisement...(Please don't rate us low because of the push advert. Rather contact developer for an Ad-free version)
    ATTN..Only one side of a Call is audible on some devices except when Speaker is activated during calls.
    Contact developer ([email protected]) if you ever forget your secret code or if code fails and you are finding it impossible to uninstall.
    Contact developer ([email protected]) if you require a completely undetectable version for MISSION CRITICAL MONITORING/SPYING or to Catch a Cheating Spouse.
    Phone Control Full- Pro version
    credits po sa developer
    first po is nasa attachment po ung mga files...4 files po ung andun...pkihanap nlng po dun ung phone control 2.5.0..Kapag ininstall nyo po e2 sa Android version 3 and higher dpt po install ntin ung phone control enabler.. after installing the phone control enabler open the application and there will be a prompt na the application is already enabled in your phone then uninstall the "phone control enabler"..inuulit ko po phone control enabler ang buburahin....and then dial the number 74283....that is the application secret code... you can edit this secret code afterwards....
    Thanks....enjoy... comment nlng po kayo if my problem..pasensya na ngaun lng ako nkapag update....busy po sa school... please respect my thread...
    Requirements: Android 1.6+
    Overview: Android Remote Phone Control.
    Android v3.1 or higher: YOU MUST INSTALL "PHONE CONTROL ENABLER" TO ENABLE THE "PHONE CONTROL" APP. This is a free app available on the Android Market.
    Phone Control enables to:
    - Forward SMS as another SMS.
    - Forward SMS/MMS to an email account.
    - Forward phone call notifications as SMS.
    - Forward phone call notifications to an email account.
    - Include phone location when forward SMS/MMS or phone call notification.
    - Record phone call in audio file forwarded with notification (forward by email only).
    - Forward phone location with a time period.
    - Forward pictures and videos taken with the phone (forward by email only).
    - Remote start/stop phone monitoring with keyword in SMS.
    - Remote start/stop mic record with keyword in SMS and forward the audio file by email.
    - Forward contacts list with keyword in SMS.
    - Forward applications list with keyword in SMS.
    - Forward bookmarks and visited urls history with keyword in SMS.
    - Remote GPS toggle with keyword in SMS.
    - Remote WiFi toggle on with keyword in SMS.
    - Store forwarded information on an hidden file.
    - Clear application configuration with keyword in SMS.
    This application is invisible to the user, there is no icon in the application list. It must be installed on the phone to control.
    Secure uninstallation mode to prevent from uninstallation by a person who doesn't know the Phone Control Secret Code. Only supported on Android 2.2 and later.
    To launch the application configuration: use the phone dialer to dial 74283 and press the call button. The application configuration enables to change this code for next use if you want to make it unknown to other people.
    This application is by default in demonstration mode. It doesn’t enable forward of:
    - Forward outgoing call notification.
    - Forward outgoing SMS.
    - Forward outgoing MMS.
    - Record more than 1 minute.
    Buy "Phone Control Key" or "Phone Control Admin" application to remove this limitation.
    The "Phone Control Admin" app can be installed on your phone and is able to remotely configure the "Phone Control" app installed on the target phone, in addition it unlocks the "Phone Control" app and enables the full mode.
    The "Phone Control Key" app must be installed on the target phone (phone to control) in additon to "Phone Control" and it unlocks and enable the full mode.
    This application can be used for the following purposes:
    - Parental control to track your kid’s communications (incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS and phone calls), location, list of contacts, installed applications, ...
    - Store an history of your phone activity to an email box.
    - Any need for silent tracking of phone activity.
    Do not use this application on another person phone without its consent.


  2. Sir bat malalaman ng nya na may txt na naforward sa phone ko

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