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  1. Hello Everyone

    The new site is known as

    We have open signup at the moment

    But please know it has only been open a short while and is still a lot of things
    to be add yet

    So you are all welcome to come and check us out would love to see you there
    and any feed back would be very welcome

    if you cant confirm your account please email to have your account confirmed
    thank you


  2. hello everyone
    can you please use a proper email address when signing up to site as some people are saying there are not getting confirm emails if you are having this problem could you please contact staff oir join our irc so we can sort it for you port:6667 #Torrentmonsters
    thank you

  3. Just to let new members know that if you have signed up you have 36 hours to activate your account
    if you have any problems please pm me
    thank you

  4. Hello Everyone

    To All Exsisting and New Torrentmonsters members

    Please Read The Info Below

    Due To The Old Site Having Just Too Many Bugs E.T.C, We Are Back With A Brand New Look And A Brand New Source.. Dont Worry If You Dont See Too Many Torrents On Site, We Are Currently Working On The Issue Now We Have Acquired A New SeedBox.
    If You Are An Old Member To TorrentMonsters And Have Signed Back Up With The Exact Same User Name And Would Like To Have Your Stats Reinstated Please Drop SM A PM Stating Your Username 'Please Note If You Didnt Use The Exact Same Name As Before Your Stats Will NOT Be Awarded To You '.

    Please Re Register To Get On To The New Site

    Please Remember To Also Check Your Junk Email For Your Conformation Email

    Any Problems Please Contact

    Lastly Thanks For Choosing TorrentMonsters For Your Torrenting Experience.


    TorrentMonsters Owners And Staff


    open signup at the moment

    new seedbox up and running


    open signup now

    we are sorry for the downtime you will need to re sign up but when you do you will see a lots of changes
    so hope to see you all there

    sal2azz / crystalgoddess

    any help needed please join our irc


    open signup now

    if you were an old member you may need to re sign as the source has been upgraded

    or join our irc port 6667

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