TorrentLeech open?

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by carlo_scute, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. carlo_scute

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    From TL:

    Signups are closed at the moment, and available only with an invitation.We celebrate our new PS3 category, and we let 10k people to live the TorrentLeech experience!! , use 38498037 as invite code and join us! It wont last long!! When the 10k sign ups are filled, this message will disappear.

  2. vanix_09

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  3. friday13

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    thanks naka register na rin utli sa wakas.

    Nadelete kasi ang old account ko for being inactive.
  4. vanix_09

    vanix_09 Member

    Ngayon lang aku na register dito ang inabangan ko din is ang Ahehehe...
  5. grafittione

    grafittione Member

    Thanks sa invite...
    hinde ba accumulated dito yung current ratio ng uttorrent dito?
  6. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    ratio mo is based on the ratio in tl, not in your client.
  7. grafittione

    grafittione Member

    tagal ng waiting time para sa new member
    48hrs hehehe
  8. grafittione

    grafittione Member

    test ko mag download sa torrentleech
    ok ang seeds...
  9. michaeltoks

    michaeltoks Member

    salamat registered na...
  10. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

  11. joco_ph

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  12. tobarret

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